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Is football institutionally sexist? Premier League emails suggest so

It will have come as little surprise to anyone with a passing interest in football that Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore’s work emails referred to women as “gash” and...

Carrie Dunn // 11 May 2014

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New feature: Isak Dinesen – the author and her work, by Claire Hazelton

Known most commonly by her pen name Isak Dinesen, but also as Tania Blixen, Pierre Andrézel and Osceola, the Norwegian author and Baroness Karen Blixen was regarded as quite the...

Carrie Dunn // 2 April 2014

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New review: Unleashing the chick-lit tiger, by Aniqah Choudhri

I have a confession to make. I used to love reading chick-lit. But British chick-lit has the reputation of being full of stories of white middle-class women working in the...

Carrie Dunn // 16 February 2014

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New review: Small is beautiful, by Hayley Ellis Jones

“Paint it large!” I remember my high school art teacher encouraging my all-female class, while we toiled away on tiny pictures. “Women’s art is often so small. Don’t they feel...

Carrie Dunn // 20 January 2014

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New review: Fierce or formulaic? by Holly Millar

I first picked up this book on the basis of wanting to read a crime novel, but simultaneously wishing to avoid the male protagonist. This wasn’t a decision based on...

Carrie Dunn // 13 January 2014

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New review: Favourites of 2013, by Jolene Tan

Jolene Tan rounds up the best science fiction and fantasy she has read in 2013 – from novels to short stories I’ve read a lot of fantasy and science fiction...

Carrie Dunn // 15 December 2013

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New review: The Tattooist by Louise Black

Katherine Williams is intrigued by The Tattooist by Louise Black, a sinister insight into a controlling, cruel obsessive I mostly avoided all the furore surrounding 50 Shades of Grey (I...

Carrie Dunn // 8 December 2013

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Fireworks and a festival of women’s football at the Continental Cup final

It was an overcast evening at the Hive in Edgware, with rain in the air, and a rather smaller Girls’ Football Festival outside than spectators enjoyed last year across north...

Carrie Dunn // 5 October 2013

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Watching women’s football in a hotel bar

This week I found myself away from home, and therefore not able to watch England v Turkey in the World Cup qualifier, screened live on BBC Three. Without wifi, I...

Carrie Dunn // 28 September 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 23rd September 2013

Hello all! Welcome to our weekly round-up of interesting stories and features that we noticed but didn’t have time to blog about. As always, please exercise caution when clicking, as...

Carrie Dunn // 23 September 2013

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International cricket: England regain the Ashes from Australia

While the headlines have been taken up by the England men's series victory over Australia (and the rather unconventional celebration of urinating on the pitch at the Oval), the England women have been quietly working away and have secured an Ashes win of their own.

Carrie Dunn // 30 August 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 15th July 2013

Here's our weekly round-up of stories we found interesting this week but didn't have chance to blog about. Linking does not imply endorsement; and as always, because these go through to other sites, the content you find there could be triggering, so please click with caution.

Carrie Dunn // 15 July 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 29th April 2013

Here’s our regular round-up of things that struck us as interesting this week, and that we didn’t have time to blog about. As always, linking here doesn’t necessarily imply endorsement,...

Carrie Dunn // 29 April 2013

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UEFA Champions League trophy handover: where are the women?

Last week, I was really excited to be invited to the trophy handover for this season’s Champions League competitions, the biggest European football club tournament – basically the winners from...

Carrie Dunn // 28 April 2013

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Why Margaret isn’t “a football person”

Yesterday, Martin O’Neill, the manager of Sunderland AFC, lost his job. The Sun’s Steve Brenner, formerly the newspaper’s north-east football correspondent, commented in a tweet that has since been deleted:...

Carrie Dunn // 31 March 2013

Categories: Blog

International Women’s Day: in praise of Lily Parr

As it’s International Women’s Day, salute Lily Parr – the woman with a kick like a mule, a chain-smoking habit, and as many career goals as Pele… It’s not unusual...

Carrie Dunn // 8 March 2013

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Her name was Reeva Steenkamp

It’s odd that some people find murder-suicides so glamorous; so understandable; so noble; so deserving of sympathy. Not for the murdered, necessarily; but for the perpetrator. It’s particularly the case...

Carrie Dunn // 14 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 11th February 2013

Here’s this week’s open thread for discussion and our regular round-up of some of the articles and blogs we’ve noticed over the last week or so, but not had time...

Carrie Dunn // 11 February 2013

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England cricket captain Charlotte Edwards breaks run-scoring record

A quick blog to say congratulations to Charlotte Edwards, the England captain, who this week became the all-time leading run-scorer in one-day international cricket. She hit 109 in her team’s...

Carrie Dunn // 8 February 2013

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Sarah Taylor makes “informal agreement” to play for Sussex

Reports suggest that England wicket-keeper Sarah Taylor is in talks to play for the men’s second XI at Sussex. In an exclusive interview with Donald McRae, she’s said that she...

Carrie Dunn // 14 January 2013

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BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012: the nominations process

As I blogged earlier in the week, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 will be announced on Sunday December 16th – and five brilliant sportswomen are on the...

Carrie Dunn // 4 December 2012

Categories: Blog

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012: the contenders

It’s the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in a fortnight, so I’ll be writing a few blogs on the five women who have been nominated, plus looking at...

Carrie Dunn // 2 December 2012

Categories: Blog

Five women on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist

As I mentioned in today’s round-up, five women have been named in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist – a rather big sea-change from last year’s grand total...

Carrie Dunn // 26 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread, Monday 26th November 2012

Hello all, here’s this week’s list of links to interesting things around the internet we didn’t get a chance to cover on the blog. Anything included is for info and...

Carrie Dunn //

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Continental Cup Final: women’s game celebrated with a festival of football

It’s a damp, muzzy autumn evening in North London, and yet the shouts of children playing football in the park can be heard from a mile off. Once you get...

Carrie Dunn // 11 October 2012

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