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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread, 10th September 2012

A collection of the items we couldn't include during the last week.

Catherine Redfern // 10 September 2012

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread 11th June

Welcome to this week’s round-up of links to stories we didn’t quite get around to blogging about! Please dig in, also feel free to leave more links in the comments...

Catherine Redfern // 11 June 2012

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread, 16th April 2012

A collection of the items we couldn't include during the last week.

Catherine Redfern // 16 April 2012

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread, 16th January 2012

A collection of the items we couldn't include during the last week.

Catherine Redfern // 16 January 2012

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread

The weekly round-up of news and posts we have missed.

Catherine Redfern // 10 October 2011

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread, 11th July 2011.

The weekly links and posts of interest.

Catherine Redfern // 11 July 2011

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Cardiff feminist festival now on!

Cardiff’s Feminist Festival, Breaking the Waves is now on! The festival is wide ranging, covering craftivism, recycling, feminist art, music, performances and a day-long conference on Saturday (with me!)… there’s...

Catherine Redfern // 9 March 2011

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Belfast FemFest 5th – 13th March

March is traditionally a very busy time for feminists, with seemingly hundreds of marches and events all over the country! You can check out more on our Events page which...

Catherine Redfern // 28 February 2011

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread

Hello all! See below our weekly round up of interesting, amusing, infuriating or noteworthy feminist things from t’internet last week. If you have more, feel free to add in the...

Catherine Redfern //

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Would you like to attend our birthday party?

The F Word’s tenth – I say TENTH – anniversary birthday party is coming up in March and we are preparing our celebrations! All past and current contributors should have...

Catherine Redfern // 21 February 2011

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Emily Davison Blues

Thanks to a tweet from @pennyred, I’ve discovered the music of Grace Petrie, and I thought F Word readers might appreciate her song Emily Davison Blues: You might also enjoy...

Catherine Redfern // 24 January 2011

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Reminder: If you shop at Amazon, please support The F Word!

(With apologies to regular readers, who will recognise this post from November! Of course, if you prefer not to shop at Amazon, we’d urge you to support your local independent...

Catherine Redfern // 6 December 2010

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Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread

Weekly round up! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments! Subway flasher picks the wrong woman to mess with (Jezebel) This trend of young Muslim girls wearing...

Catherine Redfern // 28 November 2010

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Kat Banyard on BBC’s HARDTalk

Kat Banyard, author of The Equality Illusion and Director of UK Feminista was interviewed on BBC’s HARDtalk programme. You can watch the interview on BBC iplayer here. Whether you agree...

Catherine Redfern // 10 November 2010

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If you shop at Amazon, please support The F Word!

I hesitate to mention the festive season so early in November, but maybe unlike me you’re very organised and thinking about it already. So if you are planning on buying...

Catherine Redfern // 6 November 2010

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Visiting Scotland!

Kristin Aune and myself are heading to Glasgow and Edinburgh this week to talk about our book, Reclaiming The F Word! Here’s where we’ll be: Thursday 28th October (Kristin Aune...

Catherine Redfern // 27 October 2010

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Feminism in London 2010

Tomorrow, over 1000 feminists will converge in London for the annual feminist conference in the Capital, and this year’s will be HUGE. Details here Speakers include Helena Kennedy, Natasha Walter,...

Catherine Redfern // 22 October 2010

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Birmingham Reclaim the Night

I’ll be attending Birmingham Reclaim the Night march and rally this coming Saturday: Facebook Event Page Time: 16 October · 19:00 – 23:00 Location: VICTORIA SQUARE, BIRMINGHAM Join us on...

Catherine Redfern // 12 October 2010

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Radio 4 Analysis: Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood?

On Monday Radio 4 aired a programme called Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood?, as part of its Analysis series. You can listen again on the link above, or you can...

Catherine Redfern // 6 October 2010

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Jonathan Dean: Rethinking contemporary feminist politics

Jonathan Dean's recent academic book Rethinking Contemporary Feminist Politics analyses the state of contemporary feminism in the UK, and uses The F-Word as a case study. Catherine Redfern invited him to explain more about his findings

Catherine Redfern // 29 September 2010

Categories: Feminism, Interviews

Fat Quarter magazine

Lucky me: I received a copy of Issue 2 of Fat Quarter magazine, a slim but glossy ‘countercultural ladies mag’ which is sister publication to the blog/website. This issue, which...

Catherine Redfern // 26 September 2010

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Speaking events

I’m going to be speaking at various events in the next couple of months about our book Reclaiming The F Word. Kristin Aune – my co-author – is doing some...

Catherine Redfern // 20 September 2010

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Empowering just one person: An interview with Zoe Margolis

The outspoken feminist and author of Girl With a One Track Mind and Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed spoke to Catherine Redfern about feminism, sex, activism and writing

Catherine Redfern // 16 September 2010

Categories: Activism, Features, Feminism, Interviews, Sex and Relationships

Calling all feminists in Edinburgh!

On Saturday the 11th of September the Anarcha Feminist Kollectiv and Ladyfest Edinburgh have teamed up to bring you a pub quiz with a difference! The theme is ‘radical women...

Catherine Redfern // 10 September 2010

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Red Pepper article: “Feminism: now for the good news”

My article on contemporary feminism in June/July’s issue of Red Pepper has now been published online. It’s unashamedly optimistic; deliberately so, like our book, as a counterpoint to all the...

Catherine Redfern // 24 August 2010

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