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‘Freedom always has a price’

Cazz Blase considers how Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical story of coming-of-age in Iran and Europe transfers to the big screen

Cazz Blase // 11 August 2008

Categories: Films

Tales of low-paid work

Monica Dickens worked as a cook, servant, nurse, in an aircraft factory and as a junior reporter. Cazz Blase reviews her unsentimental portraits of working life in the first half of the 20th century

Cazz Blase // 4 April 2008

Categories: Books

Live Alone and Like It

Does advice for the single women of 1936 have any bearing today? Cazz Blase reviews Marjorie Hillis' guide to independent living

Cazz Blase // 12 March 2008

Categories: Books

An interrupted life

Etty Hillesum was an 'impassioned, erotically volatile, restless' woman, who was murdered during the Holocaust. Cazz Blase reviews her diaries

Cazz Blase // 8 February 2008

Categories: Books

The woman behind Persephone Books

Nicola Beauman makes a living from re-printing the forgotten works of female writers. She talks to Cazz Blase about chick lit, the 'surplus' women of the inter-war years and the book trade

Cazz Blase // 31 October 2007

Categories: Culture and Media, Interviews, Work and Play

Crinolines and corsets… again

Period drama concentrates almost exclusively on the bonnets and Bennets universe of the 19th century novel, while there are few adaptations of more recent material dealing with gender politics and the sexual revolution. Cazz Blase makes some suggestions

Cazz Blase // 5 October 2007

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

Zines: for when mainstream media lets us down

Feminist blogs are blooming, but many women seeking a creative outlet still turn to hand-made zines. This May, the Women's Library in London will play host to Zine Fest!, showcasing women's zines past and present, as well as providing scissor-and-paper classes for aspiring zinesters. Red Chidgey, who is organising this first-of-a-kind event, explains to Cazz Blase why zines still flourish and picks some of her favourites

Cazz Blase // 29 March 2007

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Interviews

Trickster’s Choice / Trickster’s Queen – Tamora Pierce

Cazz Blase introduces Tamora Pierce's latest fantasy series for young adults, which feature strong heroines and touch on issues of colonialism and race.

Cazz Blase // 4 December 2006

Categories: Books

The Gossip – Manchester July 2006

Cazz Blase reviews a storming gig by The Gossip in Manchester on 18th July 2006.

Cazz Blase // 13 August 2006

Categories: Music

Roger Fishbite

Cazz Blase reviews Emily Prager's story about a thirteen year old girl which raises interesting questions about childhood and abuse.

Cazz Blase // 2 July 2006

Categories: Books

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 4

Cazz Blase updates her classic UK Riot Grrrl history by looking at developments from 2000 up to the present day. Covering an oft ignored but vital chapter in the story of UK feminism, she asks: Where to now for Ladyfest? Has the internet crushed print zines? How has riot grrrl influenced teenage fiction? And, is Riot Grrrl dead or has it just evolved?

Cazz Blase // 9 April 2005

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 3

The third part of Cazz Blase's series looks at the problems inherent in Riot Grrrl, disagreements within the scene over whether it had run its course, the marketing of "Girl Power" and the future of Riot Grrrl. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 13 January 2005

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 2

The second part of Cazz Blase's 3 part series looks at the political aspects of UK Riot Grrrl; how it brought awareness of feminism to a new generation, encouraged female friendship and solidarity, and how gender politics entered the music scene. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 4 November 2004

Categories: Feminism

But What of Us? UK Riot Grrrl – Part 1

Cazz Blase's history of Riot Grrrl in the UK is an important introduction to a movement that is often ignored and discounted by cultural critics and even some feminists. Seen through the eyes of the women and girls who were involved, the first part of this 3 part series recounts the origins of Riot Grrrl in the UK and discusses the musical and DIY aspects of the new Grrrl resistance. First published in the zine "Real Girls".

Cazz Blase // 10 September 2004

Categories: Feminism


How does this gung-ho Hollywood film tackle questions of war, feminity and masculinity? Cazz Blase reports. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson (2004).

Cazz Blase // 20 July 2004

Categories: Films

Searching For Sense And Reason

Cazz Blase sympathises with novelist Jenny Colgan's criticisms of the derogatory term "Chick Lit" - but insists the problem is more complex, and also not as new as is commonly thought.

Cazz Blase // 16 October 2003

Categories: Books

Interview with Lucy O’Brien

Cazz Blase interviews the author of She Bop II

Cazz Blase // 16 December 2002

Categories: Books, Music


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