Articles by Charlotte Rowland

Feminism 400 years ago

Charlotte Rowland applauds The Heresy of Love, a new play about the struggles of 17th century nun and playwright Juana Inés de la Cruz

Charlotte Rowland // 23 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Not an open and shut case

Despite enjoying some of the plays that make up Shutters, Charly Rowland can't identify the commentary on women that is supposed to unite them

Charlotte Rowland // 17 July 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Hear her roar

Charlotte Rowland finds dutiful and doubtful Ophelias mercifully far from sight in the Royal Shakespeare Company's rousing revival of The Roaring Girl, the first in a season of plays placing women in the spotlight

Charlotte Rowland // 12 May 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Creating a Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

Charlotte finds That Catherine Bennett Show as inspiring for a woman in her twenties as it is for tweens

Charlotte Rowland // 27 February 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Where miracles happen and leave things exactly the same

Bringing a play from 19th century Sweden to contemporary South Africa, Mies Julie is a fascinating and devastating exploration of power, according to Charlotte Rowland

Charlotte Rowland // 31 March 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

50 years at Ovalhouse

Charlotte Rowland talks to director Deborah Bestwick and performers Rachel Mars and Nat Tarrab, exploring the 50 years of fringe theatre at Ovalhouse

Charlotte Rowland // 8 March 2013

Categories: Features, Interviews

Compliant with abuse

Having resisted an urge to walk out of the screening of Compliance, Charlotte Rowland denounces the film as nothing more than misogynist torture-porn that should be stripped off its aura of "edginess" once and for all

Charlotte Rowland // 9 November 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

Medea, but not as Euripides knew it

Charlotte Rowland finds that Rachael Stirling's powerful performance in this new version of Medea leads her to forgive its other faults

Charlotte Rowland // 31 October 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Mary Stuart modernised

A new production of Mary Stuart glows with relevance, and Charlotte Rowland has only good words to say about it

Charlotte Rowland // 20 September 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre


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