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Mama Rhythm

Mainly a modern jazz soul singer, Sarah Jane Morris is perhaps most known for her 1980s pop cover of 'Don't Leave Me This Way' with The Communards. Chrissy D has a listen to her latest album, a politically charged project produced in collaboration with musicians including Keziah Jones and Tony Rémy

Chrissy // 8 September 2014

Categories: Music, Reviews

Birth and ownership: Forest of the Dancing Spirits

Chrissy D is touched by a documentary about tightly knit community of women in the Congolese rainforest challenged by the encroachment of civilisation

Chrissy // 11 June 2014

Categories: Films, Reviews

Teen public property

Farrah Abraham of the MTV reality television series Teen Mom has attracted plenty of salacious media gossip and slut shaming. Chrissy D explores the cultural landscape behind the programme and the hype surrounding her recent sex tape

Chrissy // 25 June 2013

Categories: Reviews, Television

By water or by men

Chrissy D finds herself in the grip of the enigma of a documentary about the Bangladeshi "brothel island"

Chrissy // 12 May 2013

Categories: Films, Reviews

Welcome to the world?

Chrissy D reviews a documentary about the impact of poverty on childbirth around the globe, presented by DocHouse as part of Why Poverty? series, and calls for maternal health to be taken more seriously everywhere

Chrissy // 17 November 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

The cultural narratives they are a-changin’?

An unpleasant incident with a fellow cinema-goer notwithstanding, Chrissy D left a screening of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in high spirits and hopeful for a change of the tide in Hollywood's take on female leads in action movies

Chrissy // 19 January 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews


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