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“What’s actually happening”: calling out transphobia in the workplace

[Content note: descriptions of transphobia and transphobic language.] I am cisgendered and consider myself an ally to trans* individuals and causes (though I wish we didn’t have to announce that...

Claire Askew // 24 June 2013

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Making It Home: women and domesticity in the 21st century

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian ran a much-Tweeted-about feature on the suffragettes: specifically, they wanted to know what suffragette activism might look like today. Women have had the...

Claire Askew // 18 June 2013

Categories: Blog

Edinburgh sauna raids highlight the invisibility of sex workers

I’ve always been happy to live in a city that is relatively safe for sex workers. Edinburgh was the first city in the UK to offer licences to saunas, way...

Claire Askew // 10 June 2013

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There’s nothing to debate: the next Doctor cannot be white and male

So by now, even if you’re not a member of the fandom, you’ve probably heard that Matt Smith, aka the eleventh Doctor Who, will leave the smash hit TV show...

Claire Askew // 5 June 2013

Categories: Blog

Who’s going to save the planet? Feminists, probably

I think we can all agree that, these days, the majority of people think the environment is an important concern, right? Whereas expressing worry about the environment once earned you...

Claire Askew // 4 June 2013

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