Articles by Clare Burgess

Girls in the lead

Girlguides can offer girls a respite from pressure of gendered expectations. Clare Burgess offers her perspective as a late-joiner

Clare Burgess // 7 December 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Family, Work and Play

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Clare Burgess reviews this collection of short stories for children. Collected by Bel Mooney, the stories all focus on the concept of the mother-daughter relationship. But can this really be seen as a generic experience?

Clare Burgess // 4 December 2006

Categories: Books

Smelling of Roses?

Tampax present their scented tampons as 'natural', associating them with flowers. But Clare Burgess argues that advertising for menstrual products merely exploits and contributes to women's insecurities about periods and their bodies.

Clare Burgess // 11 September 2006

Categories: Products, Television

How Opal Mehta Got Kissed Got Wild And Got A Life

Clare Burgess reviews Kaavya Viswanathan's 'coming of age' story. Purporting to be about a teenage character finding herself, it is in fact is a rather predictable tale where the happy ending involves - guess what? - finding a boyfriend.

Clare Burgess // 29 May 2006

Categories: Books


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