Articles by David Wilkinson

Put a record on, make a connection

David Wilkinson exalts the liminal states LoneLady's new album inhabits

David Wilkinson // 22 March 2015

Categories: Music, Reviews

Pauline packs a punch

David Wilkinson delights in the release of this definitive post-punk reissue by Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls

David Wilkinson // 27 January 2015

Categories: Music

Still, we’re weightless

Neneh Cherry's fourth studio release Blank Project continues to have resonance in today's political climate. David Wilkinson listens again

David Wilkinson // 21 January 2015

Categories: Music, Reviews

Shaking it up

Swedish sister/brother duo The Knife returned with Shaking The Habitual in April and reviews have been both excited and mixed. David Wilkinson sees a welcome re-emergence of political pop in their new work

David Wilkinson // 14 May 2013

Categories: Music, Reviews

Save EMA

A few years ago in the UK the acronym EMA would have been most commonly associated with the Education Maintenance Allowance. Nowadays it belongs firmly to Erika M. Anderson, a 22 year old singer/songwriter from the US Midwest whose debut album Past Life Martyred Saints was released in 2011. David Wilkinson detects the ghost of 1990s grunge in its confessional soundscape, and muses as to whether this particular branch of nostalgia is always a good thing

David Wilkinson // 31 March 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

Music for wintertime: Zola Jesus’ Conatus

Nika Danilova -AKA Zola Jesus- grew up training to sing opera whilst listening to Throbbing Gristle and the Dead Kennedys. As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, David Wilkinson reviews her third album Conatus

David Wilkinson // 14 November 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Blue Roses

David Wilkinson salutes the talents of Laura Groves, otherwise known as Blue Roses, and finds much to marvel at in her precocious debut album

David Wilkinson // 21 October 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews


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