Articles by Dawn Kofie

Orange is the New Black is Back

US women's prison comedy-drama Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on 12 June. Before the inevitable back-to-back marathon watching sessions commence, Dawn Kofie provides a recap of season two and considers what might be on the agenda for season three

Dawn Kofie // 4 June 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

The leader of the pack?

Dawn Kofie reports on the antics in Raised By Wolves so far and finds the show warm-hearted and often funny, although sometimes a little thin on plot

Dawn Kofie // 10 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Bold Berthaud

Dawn Kofie appreciates Laure Berthaud, Spiral's "feminist anti-hero" who isn't afraid to bend the rules, but is disappointed by the predictability of some of the character's personal choices

Dawn Kofie // 11 March 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Not such a disaster after all

Dawn Kofie finds a refreshing lack of game playing between the characters at the centre of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's Catastrophe

Dawn Kofie // 24 February 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

The Virgin Daughters

Black-tie dances during which six-year-old girls promise their fathers to abstain from sex until marriage? A documentary about 'purity' balls in the United States horrifies Dawn Kofie

Dawn Kofie // 2 November 2008

Categories: Television

How to Look Good Naked

How to Look Good Naked is a make-over show with a noble purpose - to make women feel good about themselves, argues Dawn Kofie

Dawn Kofie // 6 December 2007

Categories: Television

Loose Women

Loose Women portrays itself as feisty television fun, argues Dawn Kofie, but it patronises the female viewing public

Dawn Kofie // 2 June 2007

Categories: Television

Observer Woman

It's now one year old and has won awards, but did it deliver what it promised to women? Dawn Kofie comments on the first year of the Observer Woman magazine.

Dawn Kofie // 4 January 2007

Categories: Magazines


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