Articles by Debi Withers

Living in the ice age: Kate Bush’s 50 Words for Snow

Six years after Aerial, Kate Bush's latest offering sees her continuing to write, perform and produce music that is out of this world. Debi Withers previews the release, equipped with a healthy appreciation for the ridiculous and a love of Bush's work, tempered by a critical eye for some of the problems inherent within it

Debi Withers // 20 November 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Adventures in self-publishing

Can print-on-demand and self publishing help feminists today continue the legacy of the suffragettes & the women's liberation movement? Deborah Withers considers the potential

Debi Withers // 10 March 2010

Categories: Culture and Media

Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word)

debi withers reviews Thea Hillman's memoir outlining her own experience as an intersex person, as well as offering a critique of 'normal' and a vision for a queer intersex feminism

Debi Withers // 18 February 2009

Categories: Books

Out of Place: Interrogating Silences in Queerness / Raciality

debi withers reviews a collection on the intersection of race and queer politics, which slips between first-person narratives, manifestos and academic tracts

Debi Withers // 14 December 2008

Categories: Books

Her Naked Skin

Rebecca Lenkiewicz's take on the suffrage movement hinges on a clich├ęd story of forbidden love between seamstress Eve Douglas and Lady Celia Cain. Debi Withers is exasperated

Debi Withers // 7 September 2008

Categories: Theatre

Fragments from the Dark

Debi Withers reviews a book of writing by and interviews with female refugees and asylum seekers in Wales

Debi Withers // 15 June 2008

Categories: Books


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