Articles by Diane Shipley

Falling for Me

Anna David devoted a year of her life to following the advice set down in a classic book from the 1960s, but Diane Shipley questions the self-empowerment message in a book bogged down with regressive ideas and strict gender-roles

Diane Shipley // 13 October 2011

Categories: Books, Reviews

I don’t know how she does it

This Hollywood blockbuster's heroine is a high-flying finance executive, but Diane Shipley argues that women across classes and careers share parts of her predicament and can applaud her small victories over a lazy husband and an over-demanding boss

Diane Shipley // 2 October 2011

Categories: Films, Reviews

The Wilder Life

Wendy McClure immerses herself in the world of her beloved childhood hero Laura Ingalls Wilder. Diane Shipley follows this journey as McClure separates fact from fiction and is forced to examine why her childhood obsession has only deepened

Diane Shipley // 2 July 2011

Categories: Books, Reviews


Men! is more intelligent than other dating books, but still assumes that women are incomplete as single individuals. Diane Shipley reports

Diane Shipley // 11 August 2007

Categories: Books


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