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A call to start talking about sexual orientation differently

The terms heteroamorous, biamorous and homoamorous need to be more widely used argues Florence Drayson

Guest Blogger // 14 October 2018

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The Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival is back!

Lucy Smith invites everyone who can make it to Cardiff for the 12th edition of Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival, taking place from 9 to 14 October 2018

Guest Blogger // 30 September 2018

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A visit to the male breast consultant

Amelia Beavis-Harrison talks about her experiences of visiting a male breast consultant, and why his reaction to her nudity highlights systemic sexism

Guest Blogger // 23 September 2018

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Barbie inspiring womenNew Barbie, same sexism?

Siobhan Ali considers the impact new, ‘inspiring’ ranges of Barbie dolls will realistically have on the women’s movement

Guest Blogger // 18 September 2018

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women in prison mental healthImproving mental health care for women in prison

Being a feminist mental health campaigner means leaving no woman to the fringes of the system, writes Jennifer Richards

Guest Blogger // 14 September 2018

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Working mothersWhat employers can do to keep mothers at work

It's time employers put these measures in place to retain mothers after they've given birth, writes Katie Dickerson

Guest Blogger // 28 August 2018

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Lejla DamonWe must give a voice to the victims of rape in war

We must not forget the children born of rape during war nor the mothers who bore them, writes Lejla Damon

Guest Blogger // 14 July 2018

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Sanne Thijs @full_of_freckles_illustrationsIf FTSE companies won’t put women on boards, we will

We need to put pressure on big companies to put women on boards by literally showing them what it looks like, writes Sophie Becker

Guest Blogger // 10 July 2018

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Don’t get swept into this Ocean

Lauren Fraser is not impressed by the Hollywood's continuing obsession with all-women reboots

Guest Blogger // 10 June 2018

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Woman alone staringA brief history of normalising female pain

Women’s pain being dismissed or not taken seriously is a tale as old as time, writes Helena Jackson

Guest Blogger // 7 June 2018

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I won’t stop writing about things that upset men

I’m not thinking about men’s feelings when I write because I don’t write for men, argues Jordan King

Guest Blogger // 21 May 2018

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A brief history of period shame

Kitty Busz delves into the historical and cultural past of periods in order to better understand society’s fearful attitudes towards them

Guest Blogger // 18 May 2018

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Church of EnglandChallenging the Church’s menstrual shaming with poetry

Sharon Jagger investigates period shaming in the Church of England

Guest Blogger // 28 April 2018

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VaginismusMy vaginismus is not for male sexual pleasure

More awareness of vaginismus as a serious medical condition is needed to challenge the idea that we’re simply women with ‘tight’ vaginas, says Vanessa de Largie

Guest Blogger // 15 April 2018

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Wonder WomanIs Wonder Woman a feminist?

She might be a powerful woman who embraces her strength and physicality, but, Sharon Jagger asks, can we really call Wonder Woman a feminist?

Guest Blogger // 7 April 2018

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Women’s stories told for everyone

Sophie McKay reflects on the worrying lack of women’s stories in UK theatre and how a new show at the Arcola challenges the idea that women’s stories aren’t universal

Guest Blogger // 6 April 2018

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Man and woman at workTrade unions are (still) fighting for women at work

Anything but old-fashioned, trade unions are at the forefront of the fight for women to be treated fairly at work, writes Marion Scovell

Guest Blogger // 24 March 2018

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Amy Schumer I Feel PrettyAmy Schumer may be privileged, but she’s allowed to feel ugly

It’s dangerous to use a woman’s privilege to justify dismissing her feelings of being unworthy or out of place, writes Katie Jane

Guest Blogger // 18 March 2018

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The dangers of putting equal marriage to referendum

Emily Chudy investigates whether there is ever any reason to put a human rights issue to vote, where the majority decides the fate of a minority

Guest Blogger // 28 February 2018

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Frances BusheThere’s nothing ‘broken’ about not being interested in sex

The pressure to perform and enjoy sex a certain way can make some women feel they’re ‘broken’ for not doing it ‘right’, writes Fran Bushe

Guest Blogger // 12 February 2018

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The Choice: cutting-edge technology offers a fresh take on women’s right to choose

Joanne-Aśka Popińska introduces her innovative VR experience The Choice that puts you in the shoes of a woman considering abortion

Guest Blogger // 31 January 2018

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Mother and daughterStop telling me my post-baby body is ‘brave’

Women don’t need to be told that we’re brave for existing in our bodies after giving birth, writes Laura Cooke

Guest Blogger // 14 December 2017

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Pregnancy and body hairPregnancy should be about birth, not body hair

There’s enough pressure on pregnant women to have the perfect birth without the worry of ‘embarrassing’ body hair, writes Laura Cooke

Guest Blogger // 9 December 2017

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Quentin TarantinoTarantino, your apology is inadequate

Quentin Tarantino's response to the sexual abuse allegations against his long-time friend, Harvey Weinstein, is nowhere near good enough, writes Constanze Wilson

Guest Blogger // 11 November 2017

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Pelvic mesh exposes misogyny in medicinePelvic mesh scandal exposes misogyny in medicine

A worldwide medical scandal has not only left hundreds of thousands of women in pain but exposed how deeply entrenched misogyny is in medicine, writes Kate Harveston

Guest Blogger // 6 October 2017

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