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Guest post: Time to complain to the ASA again…

Reader Anber Raz explains why an advert for IT equipment has been raising her hackles. Getting off the train at Waterloo station in London I was stunned to see this...

Guest Blogger // 17 April 2009

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Guest post: Rape in The Bill

In this guest post, Amy Clare considers how The Bill tackled a rape storyline I have to admit it: I’m a fan of The Bill. It’s the only soap I...

Guest Blogger // 16 April 2009

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A record a mile long

In this guest post, Rachael Jolley from the Fabian blog Next Left explores the history of the Daily Mail of blaming poor people for being poor, and poor mothers in...

Guest Blogger // 25 February 2009

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Reclaim the Night Bristol

In this guest post, Sian Norris urges Bristol readers to Reclaim the Night this 20 February Bristol Feminist Network started up with the aim of creating a space for women...

Guest Blogger // 6 February 2009

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Chemistry kits ‘for boys’

Frequent F-Word commenter Sabre guest posts about chemistry kits ‘for boys’ Reported in the Telegraph yesterday was the unveiling of a range of chemistry sets for kids. “Great!” I thought...

Guest Blogger // 29 January 2009

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Progressive London Conference report – The new Mayor and women in London

In this guest post, Orlanda Ward reports on the Women in London panel at the recent Progressive London conference While some of us might love Boris Johnson’s floppy hair and...

Guest Blogger // 27 January 2009

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A ‘sister’s’ perspective of the Gaza demo, 10 Jan 09

Following our recent posts here and here on the Gaza demos, this guest post by Zubeda Limbada is an account of one woman’s experience of being one of only two...

Guest Blogger // 19 January 2009

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All about Club Des Femmes

[The Club des Femmes collective got in touch, after I implied their mission statement was a bit enigmatic when I posted about their screenings at the ICA this month. They’ve...

Guest Blogger // 8 January 2009

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Volunteer at Crisis this Christmas

Crisis’ women’s centre is understaffed this Christmas. Charlotte Cooper puts a call out for volunteers Every Christmas for the last 37 years, the charity Crisis opens the doors of several...

Guest Blogger // 17 December 2008

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P.S. – Notes from an apologetic polyamorist, by Red Chidgey

Last month we published a review by Red Chidgey of Tristan Taormino’s latest book, a guide to open relationships. We ended up changing the headline for this review – in...

Guest Blogger // 30 October 2008

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Times Online indulges in a bit of ‘slut’ shaming

Jonathan Ross has got himself suspended for three months, while Russell Brand quit his radio rob. But The Times is more interested in attacking Georgina Baillie – the butt of...

Guest Blogger //

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Feminism in London 2008

Last weekend was the first Feminism in London conference. Charlotte Cooper reflects on the day in this guest post. You can also see Jess’ photos from the day on Flickr...

Guest Blogger // 17 October 2008

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Victims are never to blame for coercive, abusive ‘relationships’

In this guest post, Cara Grayling tackles our victim-blaming culture This article on how the manager of an NHS eating disorders clinic managed to get away with coercing several young...

Guest Blogger // 8 September 2008

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Chikipedia is like Wikipedia, except with chicks, right? Charlotte Cooper has more in this guest post Ever feel the fire has gone out of your feminism? Tired of having to...

Guest Blogger // 18 August 2008

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Ctrl+Alt+Shift? How about Delete

In this guest post, Charlotte Cooper considers how Christian Aid’s new user-generated magazine stumbles on issues of women’s oppression User-generated content has been the bon vivant of publishing for the...

Guest Blogger // 10 July 2008

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Sisters – or mothers and daughters?

Why does the ‘mother-daughter’ theme of generational conflict continue to plague feminism, asks Polly Cassidy, in this guest post I went to a talk at Housman’s bookshop in London last...

Guest Blogger // 7 June 2008

Categories: Blog

Feminism and food

Earlier this week, Samara posted about how some women feel the need to apologise before eating “bad” food, such as cake. Philomela wrote the response you are about to read,...

Guest Blogger // 1 June 2008

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Retrosexual this…

Remember this quiz providing men with a helpful guide to satisfying the gender police? Now the Daily Mail has dug up a modern version – and some people clearly wish...

Guest Blogger // 30 May 2008

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More on Ladyfest

Ladyfest may be over, but the ringing in our ears continues here at The F-Word. In a guest post, Col Cruise reports back on the ‘Ladies and the Trans’ workshop...

Guest Blogger // 19 May 2008

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A tribute to Pauline Campbell

Pauline Campbell was found dead by her daughter’s grave yesterday. Since spent the last five years campaiging on the deaths of women in prison, after her own 18-year-old daughter died...

Guest Blogger // 16 May 2008

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Amity responds on birth rape

Amity Reed has written a response to comments on her birth rape feature for The F-Word, made by an NHS doctor blogging under the name ‘Dr Crippen’. You may want...

Guest Blogger // 14 May 2008

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Ladyfest London lead up

Jessica Bateman explains why she got involved in Ladyfest London, in this guest post I first found out about the plans for another Ladyfest London when I stumbled across the...

Guest Blogger // 7 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Ladyfest London lead up

As Ladyfest London approaches, one of the organisers – Kate, of Dandizette – reflects on how Ladyfests provide both links to a history of feminist festival organising and a clean...

Guest Blogger // 2 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Ladyfest lead up

Ladyfest London is nearly upon us. Here, Polly Cassidy, one of the organisers, guest-posts her pre-festival reflections There’s just over a week before Ladyfest London 2008 launches. I have been...

Guest Blogger // 1 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Sexual good manners

The author of this guest post wishes to remain anonymous. The debate about the BNP/chocolate cake analogy continues to rage, which made me want to share an experience, which still...

Guest Blogger // 11 April 2008

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