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Guest post: Body Image panel debate at the Women’s Library

Chrissy D reports back from last night’s debate on body image at the Women’s Library, which featured Susie Orbach. At the panel debate, “Body Image: the impact of magazines”, last...

Guest Blogger // 19 June 2009

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What is going on at the Guardian?

Orlanda Ward does not think much of Tim Worstall’s musings on how there is “no gender pay gap” Now I understand that these are testing times, and papers are doing...

Guest Blogger // 17 June 2009

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You’re fired! Sexism in The Apprentice

Fiona Hutchings is not impressed with the BBC’s sexist hype around Sunday’s final of The Apprentice… The BBC really can’t handle the idea of career, competence and women in the...

Guest Blogger // 9 June 2009

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Guest post: Woman-friendly news?

Lindsey M Sheehan longs for a newspaper that doesn’t alienate female and feminist readers… I’m starting to realise that there is no such thing as a woman-friendly newspaper. At one...

Guest Blogger // 5 June 2009

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M&S chair says women have “more equality than you ever can deal with”

In this guest post, Charlotte Cooper considers M&S chair Stuart Rose’s views on women (oh, excuse me, “girls”) in the workplace “Apart from the fact that you’ve got more equality...

Guest Blogger // 31 May 2009

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Guest post: Telling the truth

Jake talks through her family’s reactions to learning she was sexually abused by her father I am an incest survivor; my father sexually abused me during my adolescence. I kept...

Guest Blogger // 28 May 2009

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Guest post: Rape is not entertainment

Anber Raz, Asia Programme Officer for Equality Now, reports on the organisation’s new campaign against sexually violent computer games produced in Japan and their promotion of sexual violence against women....

Guest Blogger // 23 May 2009

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An open letter to Carol Sarler

Amy Clare guest posts about a particularly infuriating article in the Daily Mail, about women without children Dear Carol, Thank you so much for writing this well researched, intelligent and...

Guest Blogger // 22 May 2009

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Guest post: Bullied Boys

All bullying is bad. But the Independent has its priorities mixed up, argues Rosalind Kemp The Independent’s Education section yesterday ran an article claiming that clever boys are “most vulnerable”...

Guest Blogger // 15 May 2009

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Guest post: Home birth and mattresses

Kate Joester muses on a beautiful depiction of home birth – in a Spanish mattress ad. Check out Kate’s blog Rebel Raising (subtitled “changing the world, one nappy at a...

Guest Blogger // 4 May 2009

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Guest post: Civil partnerships and the NUS

Katie Sutton reports on the NUS LGBT Campaign’s annual conference Last weekend, the NUS LGBT Campaign held its annual conference in Nottingham, to elect officers for the 2009/10 academic year...

Guest Blogger // 3 May 2009

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Guest post: Cambridge gets ready to Reclaim the Night

The women of Cambridge are all set to Reclaim the Night this Sunday, 3 May. The march is for self-defined women, and starts at 8:30pm in the middle of Parkers’...

Guest Blogger // 1 May 2009

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Guest post: The Femagazinist Initiative

Charlotte Cooper, from Subtext Magazine, talks us through a project to support feminist magazines over ‘women’s’ mags The Femagazinist Initiative gleefully caught my eye this week when I noticed it’s...

Guest Blogger // 23 April 2009

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Guest post: Time to complain to the ASA again…

Reader Anber Raz explains why an advert for IT equipment has been raising her hackles. Getting off the train at Waterloo station in London I was stunned to see this...

Guest Blogger // 17 April 2009

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Guest post: Rape in The Bill

In this guest post, Amy Clare considers how The Bill tackled a rape storyline I have to admit it: I’m a fan of The Bill. It’s the only soap I...

Guest Blogger // 16 April 2009

Categories: Blog

A record a mile long

In this guest post, Rachael Jolley from the Fabian blog Next Left explores the history of the Daily Mail of blaming poor people for being poor, and poor mothers in...

Guest Blogger // 25 February 2009

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Reclaim the Night Bristol

In this guest post, Sian Norris urges Bristol readers to Reclaim the Night this 20 February Bristol Feminist Network started up with the aim of creating a space for women...

Guest Blogger // 6 February 2009

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Chemistry kits ‘for boys’

Frequent F-Word commenter Sabre guest posts about chemistry kits ‘for boys’ Reported in the Telegraph yesterday was the unveiling of a range of chemistry sets for kids. “Great!” I thought...

Guest Blogger // 29 January 2009

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Progressive London Conference report – The new Mayor and women in London

In this guest post, Orlanda Ward reports on the Women in London panel at the recent Progressive London conference While some of us might love Boris Johnson’s floppy hair and...

Guest Blogger // 27 January 2009

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A ‘sister’s’ perspective of the Gaza demo, 10 Jan 09

Following our recent posts here and here on the Gaza demos, this guest post by Zubeda Limbada is an account of one woman’s experience of being one of only two...

Guest Blogger // 19 January 2009

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All about Club Des Femmes

[The Club des Femmes collective got in touch, after I implied their mission statement was a bit enigmatic when I posted about their screenings at the ICA this month. They’ve...

Guest Blogger // 8 January 2009

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Volunteer at Crisis this Christmas

Crisis’ women’s centre is understaffed this Christmas. Charlotte Cooper puts a call out for volunteers Every Christmas for the last 37 years, the charity Crisis opens the doors of several...

Guest Blogger // 17 December 2008

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P.S. – Notes from an apologetic polyamorist, by Red Chidgey

Last month we published a review by Red Chidgey of Tristan Taormino’s latest book, a guide to open relationships. We ended up changing the headline for this review – in...

Guest Blogger // 30 October 2008

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Times Online indulges in a bit of ‘slut’ shaming

Jonathan Ross has got himself suspended for three months, while Russell Brand quit his radio rob. But The Times is more interested in attacking Georgina Baillie – the butt of...

Guest Blogger //

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Feminism in London 2008

Last weekend was the first Feminism in London conference. Charlotte Cooper reflects on the day in this guest post. You can also see Jess’ photos from the day on Flickr...

Guest Blogger // 17 October 2008

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