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Guest post: Help us prove the worth of the women’s sector

Sarah Brown is head of communications at the Women’s Resource Centre. UPDATE: The survey is now open until March 14, and can be accessed in three parts here, here and...

Guest Blogger // 26 February 2010

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SFX magazine accused of sexism

Jenni Hill works as a junior editor at science fiction, fantasy and horror publishers Solaris Books, where she very nearly has everyone using the Bechdel test. Very nearly. Author and...

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Guest post: Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice.

In this guest blog, Bethan Jenkins highlights the launch of Beat Cymru. Bethan is Assembly Member for South Wales West, and chairs the cross-party group on eating disorders at the...

Guest Blogger // 23 February 2010

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Parental Leave and “Choice”

Troon argues that recent announcements from Labour and the Conservatives of plans to offer families ‘radically more choice’ in how they balance work and childcare may actually reinforce traditional assumptions...

Guest Blogger // 8 February 2010

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22 Jan: Blog for Choice Day 2010

In this guest post, Earwicga gives details on how you can get involved in the fifth annual Blog for Choice day on Friday. In 1973 the United States Supreme Court...

Guest Blogger // 20 January 2010

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Lessons from Tinsley House

In this guest post, Debora Singer from Asylum Aid argues the Tinsley House report is just one example of a wider need for gender sensitivity in the UK Border Agency...

Guest Blogger // 19 January 2010

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Guest post: Reclaim the Night Leeds

Rosie, a member of the RtNL steering committee, reports back on the event. On November 28th 2009, 300 women, children and supporters reclaimed the night in Leeds. The weather held,...

Guest Blogger // 22 December 2009

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

A guest blogger talks about dealing with Christmas as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. (NB This post is not graphic, but for some it may be triggering) So, it’s...

Guest Blogger // 21 December 2009

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Guest post: “Facebook rape”

Alex Corwin reports on the insensitive and potentially triggering use of the word ‘rape’ on Facebook and explains how to report it. Today while skimming through the list of status...

Guest Blogger // 11 December 2009

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Guest post: Protecting choice in childbirth

Albany Midwives Practice is facing closure. In this guest post, Amity Reed reports on the effort to keep it open and why it’s so important for reproductive rights When we...

Guest Blogger // 8 December 2009

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For those of us who couldn’t be at the vigil in London yesterday, Gem, who is on the co-ordinating group for Million Women Rise, sent in this which she read...

Guest Blogger // 26 November 2009

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Guest Post: Misfits and rape culture

Longtime commenter JenniferRuth on rape culture in a new E4 superhero show On Thursday evening the pilot episode of Misfits was broadcast on E4. It seems that E4 has decided...

Guest Blogger // 13 November 2009

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Representations of Women in Media – back for 2009

The F Word reviewer and commenter, Sian Norris, tells us about an exciting upcoming West Country project … The Representations of Women in the Media Project was set up three...

Guest Blogger // 12 November 2009

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Guest Post: No to Eggsploitation!

The No to Eggsploitation campaigners argue that we need to protect women from the risks of egg donation. In July, Lisa Jardine, Chair of the Human Fertilization And Embryology Authority...

Guest Blogger // 15 October 2009

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Guest Post: Disability Benefits Under Threat

Amy Clare writes on the news that the Tories have announced plans to get half a million people “off incapacity benefit” if they get into power and explains why this...

Guest Blogger // 7 October 2009

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Guest post: More attacks on mums

Amy Clare is exasberated by yet another piece of research and media reporting stigmatising mothers who work in paid employment (as well as child care) Another day, another piece of...

Guest Blogger // 6 October 2009

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Guest post: How to respond to those viral ‘rape prevention’ emails

Katie Toms continues the theme of how to respond to viral emails urging women to be careful and stop themselves being raped/sexually assaulted, sharing with us the email she now...

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Guest post: More on Polanski

Guest post by Rosamund Urwin, journalist – for more on Polanski’s arrest see Laura and Louise’s posts It has been with horror that I have read most of the newspaper...

Guest Blogger // 2 October 2009

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Guest post: Reclaim the Night Leeds

This guest post is by Leanne Sutheran, on behalf of the Reclaim the Night Leeds Steering Group Sisters, you are all warmly invited to join with the women of Leeds...

Guest Blogger // 1 October 2009

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Guest post: Feminism in London 2009

Less than two weeks to go until Feminism in London 2009, Yasmin Eshref talks through what the event is about and what to expect. This year, Saturday 10 October is...

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Guest Post: No, Katie Price is not obliged to name her rapist.

Reader Anji Capes responds to Abby’s post on Katie Price. Katie Price (the former glamour model more commonly known as Jordan) has stated that she is one of the estimated...

Guest Blogger // 18 September 2009

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Guest post: [95] Minutes of Sexual Double Standards

In this guest post, Kaite Welsh considers the sexist backstory to (500) Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer is the latest indie hit about to make it big. Based...

Guest Blogger // 28 August 2009

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Guest post: The Lib Dems manifesto for ‘Real Women’

In this guest post, Melanie Newman considers the Liberal Democrats’ ‘Real Women’ manifesto The Liberal Democrats have produced a 42-point manifesto for women, which includes proposals on airbrushing in advertising,...

Guest Blogger // 15 August 2009

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What would a Tory government do?

In this guest post, Ella Prostick takes a look at just how ‘Progressive’ the Conservatives are under Cameron It’s been a year since David Cameron’s speech in which he argued...

Guest Blogger // 10 August 2009

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Killing of Sister George re-visited

Queer feminist film festival Club des Femmes organised a screening of The Killing of Sister George during Pride. Here, co-curator Sarah Wood reflects on how the film fares more than...

Guest Blogger // 27 July 2009

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