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The comic strip: #feMANism

Resident cartoonist, Silvia Carrus, on our theme of the month, #feMANism

Guest Blogger // 22 February 2016

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Men need something, but not a movement

As part of The F-Word’s #feMANism month, Sarah Fletcher discussed the need for a ‘men’s movement’, one that distances itself from the MRA nonsense and creates a space where men...

Guest Blogger // 18 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Rape: I was waiting for it to be my turn

A survivor shares her story

Guest Blogger // 11 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Should men have their own gender equality movement?

To kick start our #feMANism season, examining the place of men in modern feminism, Sarah Fletcher makes the case for a separate men's movement

Guest Blogger // 7 February 2016

Categories: Blog

The comic strip: Friend-zone

Our resident cartoonist, Silvia Carrus, on that most hated of terms.

Guest Blogger // 5 February 2016

Categories: Blog

CBB Steph, you’re not a ‘slut’ (whatever that means anyway)

Samantha Rea watches Celebrity Big Brother and wonders how a snog can possibly be a scandal in 2016

Guest Blogger // 2 February 2016

Categories: Blog

We need to talk about periods

Sophie Jo says no to euphemisms. Why can't we just say we're bleeding and it hurts like hell?

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

My rapist walked free

As only 6% of reported rapes end in a conviction, an anonymous contributor tells her harrowing story

Guest Blogger // 1 February 2016

Categories: Features, Violence

Revenge porn law puts perpetrators first

Rikke Amundsen argues that the law supposedly created to protect victims is weighted in favour of perpetrators

Guest Blogger // 31 January 2016

Categories: Blog

Star Wars has always been a girls’ thing too

As a life-long Star Wars fan, Nick Beard hails the latest instalment of the saga for scoring diversity and feminist points

Guest Blogger // 2 January 2016

Categories: Blog

All I want for Christmas is liberation from the capitalist patriarchy

As part of our #festivefeminism season, Sarah Fletcher asks whether "kitsch" feminist products are undermining the movement

Guest Blogger // 23 December 2015

Categories: Blog

‘Tis the season for “don’t get raped” advice

It's our #festivefeminism month and Ellie Hutchinson asks why we have to put up with the now annual "don't get raped" messages from the police

Guest Blogger // 22 December 2015

Categories: Blog

The comic strip: Feminist santa

We're celebrating #festivefeminism. Our new regular illustrator Silvia Carrus brings you Feminist Santa

Guest Blogger // 21 December 2015

Categories: Blog

Oh Rose, thou art sick

Deborah Nicholls-Lee argues that too much pink may be bad for your child

Guest Blogger // 30 November 2015

Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

Austerity is a political choice: join Sisters’ Uncut Funeral March this Saturday

Sisters Uncut invite you to join their anti-austerity march this Saturday in central London

Guest Blogger // 25 November 2015

Categories: Blog

Do we value women’s work?

Global Women's Strike argue it's time to stand up for women's unpaid care work.

Guest Blogger // 11 November 2015

Categories: Blog

PrEP is a game changer in HIV prevention, but why isn’t it available to women?

Susan Cole wonders why the NHS hasn't yet decided whether to make Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) available to women at high risk of contracting HIV, despite indications of its effectiveness

Guest Blogger // 7 November 2015

Categories: Blog

The time is NOW: we are the suffragettes

On Wednesday night, Sisters Uncut made headlines as 14 activists stormed the red carpet at the premiere of the film Suffragette

Guest Blogger // 9 October 2015

Categories: Blog

Hitting the ugliness jackpot

John Servante has never been happy with his appearance. Here's why that should change

Guest Blogger // 29 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Erika Lust: ten years of making films, not porn

Renowned Swedish erotic director Erika Lust shares her professional journey with The F-Word as her XConfessions come to the Raindance film fest in London

Guest Blogger // 21 September 2015

Categories: Blog

How Corbyn broke the mould with women-only carriages

Helen Raymond argues that Jeremy Corbyn's support for women-only train carriages is more than a political gimmick and is likely to make travelling women feel safer

Guest Blogger // 10 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Bleeding nuisance

As Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month starts, Daloni Carlisle, Ambassador for The Eve Appeal, explains why women must start talking about their period

Guest Blogger // 9 September 2015

Categories: Blog

How to date a feminist

Clare Louise Phipps asks why it's so hard for forward women in the online dating game

Guest Blogger // 8 September 2015

Categories: Blog

Me and my body image

Tilly-Jayne Kidman on her struggles with body image and how learning to focus on health has helped her to to combat negative feelings about the way she looks

Guest Blogger // 6 September 2015

Categories: Blog

The false rape/assault accusation trope – a bit fishy and definitely not funny

Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer is unimpressed with Home and Away's recent use of the tired and potentially harmful false rape accusation trope

Guest Blogger // 4 September 2015

Categories: Blog, Features & Reviews Round-Up


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