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What Kate did next

Kate Nash first entered public consciousness in 2008 with her keyboard led tale of a relationship gone bad, 'Foundations'. Since then she has taken up the bass guitar and is embracing her inner angry grrrl. Hayley Foster da Silva salutes the punk attitude evident in Girl Talk

Hayley Foster da Silva // 16 September 2013

Categories: Music, Reviews

A cut above the rest

Although wishing at times for a more personal touch, Hayley Foster da Silva is impressed by the breadth of She Bop, the recently revised and updated third edition of Lucy O'Brien's history of women and the music industry, and is pleased to come away from the book with lots of new information

Hayley Foster da Silva // 31 January 2013

Categories: Books, Music, Reviews

Making a noise about women’s musical history

Hayley Foster da Silva thought she knew a lot about women musicians, but when she read Women Make Noise, a new book edited by Julia Downes, she was pleased to discover that there was still a lot to learn and plenty of all-female musical talent to uncover

Hayley Foster da Silva // 11 November 2012

Categories: Books, Music, Reviews

Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

With a new pop album produced in collaboration with hit makers Xenomania, disco punks Gossip are back. While they may have moved on from Standing in the Way of Control, Hayley Foster Da Silva discovers that the band are still very capable of making you dance, and that their new album lives up to its title A Joyful Noise

Hayley Foster da Silva // 22 June 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

Gaggle: The wait is nearly over!

Ever since Gaggle grabbed our attention with 'I hear Flies' and 'Hidden Army' two years ago, the question of when the debut album would come around has been on the minds of fans. Now that wait is nearly over and From the Mouth of the Cave will be released on 25 June. Hayley Foster da Silva gives the lowdown on her sneak preview

Hayley Foster da Silva // 18 June 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

“It’s like being in a never ending hen party!” Robots in Disguise play The Lexington

You might recognise them from The Mighty Boosh but electropunk act Robots in Disguise have plenty to offer beyond being cool in a television programme, including a feminist anthem! Hayley Foster da Silva joins the party and catches the band for a quick chat

Hayley Foster da Silva // 12 March 2012

Categories: Interviews, Music, Reviews

The brilliant and the eclectic: Gaggle preview their forthcoming debut album

All woman punk choir Gaggle are a diverse group who integrate openly feminist concepts into their performances. Their radical reworking of The Brilliant and the Dark at the Royal Albert Hall was sold out in September. Hayley Foster da Silva reports on their all-too-brief follow-up performance at Hackney New Empowering Church on 15 December 2011

Hayley Foster da Silva // 11 January 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

The re-emergence of Riot Grrrl music and politics?

Riot Grrrl celebrated its 20 year anniversary earlier this year, and Hayley Foster da Silva is pleased to discover evidence of its legacy in the form of Atlanta's Coathangers and Oxford's Secret Rivals

Hayley Foster da Silva // 22 December 2011

Categories: Music

Radical rockers UT at The Lexington

Famously name-checked by Le Tigre in 1991's 'Hot Topic', feminist rock pioneers UT originally came from the downtown New York no-wave scene in 1978. They moved on to London, touring with The Fall in the early 1980s and releasing four albums that decade, before disbanding in 1990. Hayley Foster da Silva witnesses their return

Hayley Foster da Silva // 3 October 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Cookie Party! (Death of the Elephant, Stella Zine and Ste McCabe)

Hayley Foster da Silva reviews an evening inspired by riot grrrl and feminist-friendly electro punk

Hayley Foster da Silva // 30 January 2011

Categories: Music

Woman’s Work: Short Stories

Hayley Foster da Silva reviews this wide-ranging collection of short stories by women

Hayley Foster da Silva // 16 December 2010

Categories: Books


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