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song-of-achilles-pbNew review: The Song of Achilles

Despite enjoying the novel, Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein has a feminist bone to pick with this year’s winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction “Rage–Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son...

Iman Qureshi // 2 September 2012

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Iman Qureshi reviews Circumstance, screened during 2012 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and hails its director for subtly depicting complexities and contradictions of contemporary Iranian society

Iman Qureshi // 24 April 2012

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reinvention-of-loveNew book review: The Reinvention of Love

Sian Norris finds herself approving of the subversion of traditional sexual roles in the portrayal of Charles Saint-Beuve – “a man like no other” – in Helen Humphrey’s novel The...

Iman Qureshi // 8 April 2012

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119476-LNew review: Sylvia’s Lovers

LucindaE rereads Elizabeth Gaskell’s Sylvia’s Lovers not as a sentimental love story, but rather, a merciless tale of flawed love and thwarted ambition Elizabeth Gaskell’s Sylvia’s Lovers begins in a...

Iman Qureshi // 27 February 2012

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In-Other-WorldsNew review: In Other Worlds

Katherine Wootton reviews Margaret Atwood’s new work of non-fiction which explores the importance and vast potential of science fiction – a much ridiculed and underestimated genre – in the literary...

Iman Qureshi // 27 October 2011

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painted-lady-image-thumb-300x457-1749New review: The Painted Lady

Sian Norris dissects the problems behind mistress narratives in historial fiction, and explains why Maeve Haran’s The Painted Lady doesn’t fall into the typical traps As a big fan of...

Iman Qureshi // 11 October 2011

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Granta-thumb-300x437-1222New Review – Granta 115: The F Word

Despite being The F-Word’s namesake, Iman Qureshi argues that Granta 115: The F Word misses the mark A sprig of wit, a dash of bile and a hearty glug of...

Iman Qureshi // 31 May 2011

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Granta-thumb-300x437-1222Granta 115: The F Word

Despite being The F-Word's namesake, Iman Qureshi argues that Granta 115: The F Word misses the mark

Iman Qureshi //

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EMERALD-SKY-COVER-thumb-250x394-1209Under an Emerald Sky

Lukela Aimmado explains why Under an Emerald Sky, a novel by black, queer, feminist activist Olukemi Amala is essential reading for all Under an Emerald Sky begins with a quote...

Iman Qureshi // 27 May 2011

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