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Oh no, Yoko

A collection of Yoko Ono's work is showing at The Serpentine Gallery. Joanne Matthews found TO THE LIGHT too light

J Matthews // 11 August 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

By the sea, beneath the sea

Tracey Emin's major solo exhibition at the Turner Contemporary brings her back to the town of her childhood. Joanne Matthews appreciates the setting, but isn't so sure about the art

J Matthews // 18 July 2012

Categories: Art

Her Noise: women creative workers and musicians exhibit and talk at Tate Modern

The Her Noise theme began as a 2001 curatorial project focused on gender imbalance in sonic art. In 2012, Tate Modern hosts the Her Noise Symposium: a day of discussion and art focused on topics such as women's voices and varied uses of technology. Joanne Matthews reports

J Matthews // 19 May 2012

Categories: Art, Music, Reviews

Why do you think it is appropriate to grope me?

In my first post I talked about what it’s like to go to a typical, commercial club such as Proud in London on a Saturday night, and their role in...

J Matthews // 21 April 2012

Categories: Blog

My experiences of commercial clubbing and hyper-femininity

I’ve come to find that the culture of mainstream clubbing (by mainstream I refer to clubs that plays mainly chart music and RnB with a bit of club classics, serving...

J Matthews // 7 April 2012

Categories: Blog


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