Articles by Jennifer Drew

Knife crime and masculinity

Forget single mums and absent fathers - the current spate of knife crime can be traced back to the so-called 'real man', argues Jennifer Drew

Jennifer Drew // 18 July 2008

Categories: Men, Stereotypes, Violence

Are women and girls vulnerable?

Violent men do not attack girls or women because they are 'vulnerable', argues Jennifer Drew, and it deflects attention from the perpetrators to pretend otherwise

Jennifer Drew // 19 May 2008

Categories: Culture and Media, Men, Violence

The epidemic of male violence against women

A spate of convictions has put femicide into the headlines again. But, as Jennifer Drew reports, the media is still blaming women - and ignoring 'everyday' incidents of male violence against women

Jennifer Drew // 6 April 2008

Categories: Culture and Media, Men, Violence

How the word ‘slut’ oppresses women

Ever been called a 'slag'? How about 'frigid'? Jennifer Drew explains how such derogatory language is used to keep women in their place

Jennifer Drew // 31 January 2008

Categories: Language, Sex and Relationships, Violence

Does ‘gender neutral’ language serve to cover up male violence?

Gender-neutral language applies to male criminals, but not to their female victims, argues Jennifer Drew

Jennifer Drew // 3 December 2007

Categories: Culture and Media, Language, Men, Violence

Sexual healing?

Penetration is not the be-all and end-all of sex, argues Jennifer Drew, so why does the medical establishment seek to pathologise women who just don't like it?

Jennifer Drew // 1 October 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

If… Women Ruled the World (review 2)

The BBC 'disaster' series If... included a programme called If... Women Ruled the World which attempted to predict gender relations in 2020. Did it make a valid point, or was it just an extended version of the old Harry Enfield 'Women: know your limits!' sketch? Reviewed by Jennifer Drew

Jennifer Drew // 20 April 2004

Categories: Television

Dysfunctional, moi? The Myth of Female Sexual Dysfunction and its Medicalisation

Jennifer Drew tears apart the the myth of 'female sexual dysfunction', and looks at how female sexuality is becoming increasingly medicalised.

Jennifer Drew // 16 April 2003

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

Response to ‘Alien She?’

Jennifer Drew responds to Jane Collins' article Alien She?.

Jennifer Drew // 16 January 2003

Categories: Feminism


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