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10802497015_aa4951b98e_z-thumb-320x644-5328April guest blogger

Introducing Rachel Charlton-Dailey as our April guest blogger! A 26 year old PR student, writer and all round gob on a stick. Rachel is addicted to social media, takes too...

Josephine Tsui // 1 April 2015

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16189158480_bded94579d_z-thumb-320x213-5255Hospital food, eating disorders

Guest blogger Sasha Garwood reflects on her recent experience eating hospital food while struggling with an eating disorder.

Josephine Tsui // 8 March 2015

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15290655657_c2f29bde94_z-thumb-320x479-5246Introducing monthly blogger Sasha Garwood

Hi all, For the month of March we’re going to host Sasha Garwood as our monthly blogger. Here’s Sasha’s introduction. Queer litgeek, writer, academic and critic Sashagoblin has a PhD...

Josephine Tsui // 3 March 2015

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793993194_0f2c159da4_z-thumb-320x240-5189Weekly round-up and open thread

Hi All! It’s the weekly round-up and open thread. Can you believe January is over and we’re now in February? Just remember, linking here does not mean endorsement. Reasons you...

Josephine Tsui // 2 February 2015

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8660071326_359bc46f09_z-thumb-320x213-5187Why should we fight to get rid of page 3?

Guest blogger Laura Brainwood (nee Doherty) writes about the frustrations with the Sun’s Page 3. For more about the recent Page 3 incidents, also check out Holly’s previous post. When...

Josephine Tsui // 1 February 2015

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3963071428_cee81f9cc4_z-thumb-640x491-5159Call for monthly guest bloggers

Hello all! Hope your new year has had a great start. We’re putting out an open call for new monthly guest bloggers. You get one month to say what you...

Josephine Tsui // 11 January 2015

Categories: Blog

2714036936_f64a12ca2b_z-thumb-480x640-5132Weekly round-up and open thread

Hi everyone! We’re counting down to the end of the year. Here’s this week’s round-up and open thread. Here we include links that we found interesting. Linking does not mean...

Josephine Tsui // 8 December 2014

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4748081550_89e7140fa9_z-thumb-640x390-5080November guest blogger

Hi everyone! For November, we have Nat Newman as our guest blogger. Nat Newman is an Australian writer currently living in Croatia – which is the UK’s newest EU neighbour....

Josephine Tsui // 5 November 2014

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Pumpkins-2009-thumb-500x333-5040October guest bloggers

October guest bloggers

Josephine Tsui // 30 September 2014

Categories: Blog

4150828399_3622a5c013_z-thumb-360x640-4780Weekly round-up and open thread

Happy long weekend! Here is a list of links we found interesting over the past week. Linking does not necessarily mean endorsement. If you’re sensitive to triggers please tread carefully....

Josephine Tsui // 21 April 2014

Categories: Blog

NarcissusWeekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to this week’s round-up and open thread. The following are links you may find interesting. Feel free to add any links in the comments if you think there’s anything...

Josephine Tsui // 18 March 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

It’s the weekly round-up and open thread! As usual, we’ll post articles that we find interesting during the week. Please be careful if you’re prone to triggers. Linking here does...

Josephine Tsui // 13 January 2014

Categories: Blog

Guest bloggers for October

This month we are lucky to have two guest bloggers for the month of October. Joy lives in London and has a background in business management and HR. She is...

Josephine Tsui // 30 September 2013

Categories: Blog

Round up and open thread

Our round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views from the past week

Josephine Tsui // 26 August 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: Lean in to transform the world of work

St├ęphanie Thomson argues that, despite its flaws, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In is an interesting guide to getting on in business that, above all, reignites debate “Our revolution has stalled” says...

Josephine Tsui // 11 July 2013

Categories: Blog

Riot-girlWeekly round-up and open thread

It’s that time again. Weekly round-ups are interesting links we’d like to draw attention to but were not able to focus on the issue. Linking does not necessarily mean endorsement....

Josephine Tsui // 10 June 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: Mary Beard’s Confronting the Classics

Jess McCabe looks into Mary Beard’s critique of biases in the classics Even with a handful of TV programmes, a contentious appearance on Question Time and, obviously, an academic career...

Josephine Tsui // 28 May 2013

Categories: Blog

7213780008_e66cc72d78Happy IDAHO!

Happy International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)! The Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) and the Institute of Development Studies are officially launching a co-produced discussion paper,...

Josephine Tsui // 17 May 2013

Categories: Blog

Birth-of-the-messengerDiscrepancies in cesarean delivery

Recently, I read an article by science journalist Julia Belluz about the discrepancy in cesarean delivery. You go into Starbucks, and order your preferred brew. What you get is what...

Josephine Tsui // 25 April 2013

Categories: Blog

coverredNew review: “But I’m having fun. I like it.”

MarinaS argues reading In Her Own Words is more than a debate of for or against sex work. She argues that we should read it because it is a captivating...

Josephine Tsui //

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Women-cyclingCritiques on science: exercise and women

One of my goals with working with the F-word is to have more people realise that science is not foolproof. To be a good feminist we have to understand that...

Josephine Tsui // 18 April 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly roundup and open thread

Heya folks! It’s our weekly roundup of posts we haven’t blogged about. Feel free to add some more in the comments sections. As usual, these do nor represent the F-word’s...

Josephine Tsui // 25 March 2013

Categories: Blog

New Review: Double Bind

Double Bind asks important questions of the cross sections of being Muslim and women's rights argues Jolene Tan

Josephine Tsui // 15 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Bristol Women’s Literature Festival

Guest blogger Sian Norris invites you to attend the first ever Bristol Women’s Literature Festival. Join Bidisha, Stella Duffy, Helen Dunmore, Selma Dabbagh, Professor Joan Adim-Addo and more for the...

Josephine Tsui // 28 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Top 10 most read posts in 2012

In continuation of the series of the best of 2012, today we will post the top 10 most read posts in the entire website read in 2012. 1. ‘Hasn’t anybody...

Josephine Tsui // 1 February 2013

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