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The Western woman’s body is still subject to regulation

Men and women in the West tend to have strong opinions about the attire worn by Muslim women. In the media as well as in private many bemoan the fact...

Lola Adesioye // 25 August 2009

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Women’s preference for curves is nothing to be happy about

A new study by a food company has shown that British women now prefer to be curvy than thin. Apparently Kate Moss’ physique is much less desirable than that of...

Lola Adesioye // 22 July 2009

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Time to call out another privilege……

And of course the privilege I am speaking of, is Thin Privilege. Edited to add: Anji from Shut up, Sit down, has also blogged about Thin Privilege, and you can...

Lola Adesioye // 30 April 2009

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Fat is the new Folk Devil

So the Department of Health is continuing it’s relentless assault upon those of us, who are just bad citizens for not being automatically skinny. The latest campaign in their series...

Lola Adesioye // 18 April 2009

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Maternity leave- will this help?

The BBC recently reported on proposed changes to maternity leave, designed, apparently to make it more equal. These changes, would see paid maternity leave cut from nine months, to six...

Lola Adesioye // 6 April 2009

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Porn, Parents and the responsibility argument.

So like Laura I’ve been watching the Channel 4 Sex Education Show. Whilst I found Tuesday nights installment troubling due to a) the overwhelming and unbearable heteronormative aspect of it,...

Lola Adesioye // 1 April 2009

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The whole Jacqui Smith thing…….

So, I’m uber excited to be guest blogging here and I’ve spent the past few days panicking about what on earth my first post should be about. Then the whole...

Lola Adesioye // 31 March 2009

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