Articles by M. Ly-Eliot

Living in between

M. Lý-Eliot recommends Maysaloun Hamoud’s In Between, the Arab-Israeli director’s controversial first feature about young Palestinian women living in Tel Aviv

M. Ly-Eliot // 26 September 2017

Categories: Films, Reviews

A pinch of SALT

M. Lý-Eliot interviews the editors of feminist art zine SALT, finding out their backgrounds, interests and aspirations for their project

M. Ly-Eliot // 21 August 2014

Categories: Features, Interviews

Have your food for thought with SALT

M. Lý-Eliot is delighted by SALT's issue with an anti-work theme, finding much to think about in its pages

M. Ly-Eliot // 16 August 2014

Categories: Magazines

Fairport Conventional

A recent reissue of Fairport Convention's 1974 album Rising For The Moon makes for disappointing listening for long time Sandy Denny fan M. Lý-Eliot

M. Ly-Eliot // 27 September 2013

Categories: Music, Reviews

Far from Eden

M. Lý-Eliot hails a film about trafficking that avoids the pitfalls of graphic depiction of sexual exploitation and digs deeper in her interview with director Megan Griffiths

M. Ly-Eliot // 12 August 2013

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

To turn the body: a look at Xiaolu Guo

M. Lý-Eliot looks at the work of this exciting young novelist and her exploration of the themes of isolation, education and revolution

M. Ly-Eliot // 2 August 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

On UFO and Chinese women

M. Lý-Eliot praises independent Chinese director Xiaolu Guo's latest offering

M. Ly-Eliot // 17 March 2013

Categories: Films, Reviews

Arthouse cinema versus Gangnam style

M. Lý-Eliot finds respite from Gangnam style 'sexy ladies' in two central characters of The Weight, a challenging film by Korean arthouse director Jeon Kyu-Hwan

M. Ly-Eliot // 12 December 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

“I’d rather sell my c*nt than my paintings”

Having caught two independent documentaries at the first ever London Chinese Independent Film Festival, M. Lý-Eliot considers women artists' position in China 20 years ago and today

M. Ly-Eliot // 16 October 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews


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