Articles by Rachel Bell

‘I’m no sad victim. I’ve seen and survived the darkest side of life’

Amina pairs women who have experienced sexual violence with volunteers who have been through the same ordeal - and turns their perceived 'victim' status on its head. Rachel Bell reports

Rachel Bell // 10 March 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Violence

Challenging The ‘Sex Sells’ Cliche

Everywhere you turn these days there are sexualised images of women's bodies as porn becomes more and more mainsteam. Rachel Bell investigates the growing protest movement against the normalisation of porn in everyday life.

Rachel Bell // 12 February 2006

Categories: Culture and Media

Women Unite, Reclaim the night!

Rachel Bell reports on November's hugely successful Reclaim the Night March in London, and some of the marchers explain their reasons for taking part.

Rachel Bell // 28 January 2006

Categories: Activism

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

A bottom the size of two bowling balls? Yeah, right. Rachel Bell argues that the casting of Renee Zellweger undermines the premise of the Bridget Jones character.

Rachel Bell // 15 January 2005

Categories: Films

Subvert the Dominant Pimpiarchy

How did the abusive, exploitative role of Pimp become the epitome of cool? Rachel Bell comments on this outrageous trend in modern culture.

Rachel Bell // 8 November 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Language, Violence


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