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Mesmerising: Abida Parveen at the Bridgewater Hall

A rare performance for the Sufi singer, and a coup for Manchester International Festival, Ruth Rosselson finds herself transfixed by the power of Abida Parveen's voice and music

Ruth Rosselson // 24 July 2013

Categories: Music, Reviews

Delia gets her day

In January Ruth Rosselson attended a series of events held to celebrate the work of electronic composer and Radiophonic Workshopper Delia Derbyshire. She shares her experience of the Delia Derbyshire Day here

Ruth Rosselson // 25 February 2013

Categories: Events, Films, Music, Radio, Reviews

¿Which Side Are You On?: Ani DiFranco keeps things political

Feminist icon Ani DiFranco has released 17 studio albums over the last three decades and, with Righteous Babe Records in 1990, became one of the first independent artists to launch her own label. Ruth Rosselson listens to her first album to be released in over three years and finds that DiFranco is still not afraid of tackling thought-provoking issues while making us smile and sing along

Ruth Rosselson // 20 February 2012

Categories: Music, Reviews

A man’s world? Darryn De La Soul on being a sound engineer

Ruth Rosselson interviews Darryn De La Soul, whose achievements include mixing the sound at the 50th anniversary of the Jodrell Bank observatory, work with Faster than Sound and teaching the live sound diploma for Alchemea

Ruth Rosselson // 9 November 2011

Categories: Features, Interviews, Work and Play

Biophilia – Björk returns

Ruth Rosselson attends the world premiere of Björk's live show, one of several performances at Campfield Market Hall that are her first UK dates in over three years

Ruth Rosselson // 10 July 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

tUnE-yArDs at the Manchester Deaf Institute

Ruth Rosselson gives the lowdown on a show from Merrill Garbus, a big-voiced artist who exudes confidence on stage through her music, rather than her outfits or dancing

Ruth Rosselson //

Categories: Music, Reviews


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