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‘Hasn’t anybody ever told you a handful is enough?’

Boys groped her, men shouted at her on the street, and girls and women reacted with hostility. Samara Ginsberg reports on growing up with large breasts

Samara Ginsberg // 14 December 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Violence

Having your cake and eating it

EDIT: Believe it or not, I was a fully-fledged anorexic by the age of 12, so it’s not as if I’m a stranger to eating disorders! I had an utterly...

Samara Ginsberg // 28 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Summer is finally here!

The sun is out, the birds are singing and London seems a much happier place. For the benefit of our international readers, Britain is currently enjoying a break from the...

Samara Ginsberg // 7 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Fergie’s daughter inherits her “imperfect figure”

The Daily Mail is running a truly revolting article today. I mean, seriously. They have actually surpassed themselves on the We-Hate-Women’s-Bodies front. Sarah “Duchess of Pork” Ferguson’s daughter Beatrice has...

Samara Ginsberg // 30 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Can men be feminists?

Cath Elliott is pondering this question on Comment Is Free today. Can men ever really be feminists, or should pro-feminist men be consigned to the sidelines, welcome allies in the...

Samara Ginsberg // 24 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Lithuania considers abortion ban

Apparently, Lithuania is considering a ban on abortion. This has been pretty much covered at Feministing so I’m not going to say too much about it here. How utterly depressing....

Samara Ginsberg // 21 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Is it possible to be a feminist and still like “Sex and the City”?

Alice Wignall ponders this question in The Guardian today. For a show about women, it displays a singular obsession with men. As Miranda, the character most likely to consider herself...

Samara Ginsberg // 16 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Daily Mail attacks “curvy” Miss England finalist

You may have noticed that the Daily Mail seems to have developed a bit of an obsession recently with Miss England’s first ever size 16 finalist. Chloe Marshall has been...

Samara Ginsberg // 11 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Brunettes have more fun!

Your ball-busting brunette blogger read the above headline on The Times website this morning with a mixture of delight, amusement, scepticism, and visions of proudly linking it from her facebook...

Samara Ginsberg // 8 April 2008

Categories: Blog

More on shoes

Jess’ post yesterday got me thinking, or rather, inspired me to actually blog about something to which I’ve always given a lot of thought. A couple of years ago I...

Samara Ginsberg // 1 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Quote of the day

A while ago, after writing a column about feminism, I received an e-mail from a reader who said: “I think it’s great that you, as a man, write about these...

Samara Ginsberg // 27 March 2008

Categories: Blog

French women don’t get fat

Zoe Williams has a hilarious and perceptive opinion piece in The Guardian today, exploring the publishing phenomenon based on cultural stereotypes that would have us think that French women are...

Samara Ginsberg // 25 March 2008

Categories: Blog

A man can rent someone “better” than you

There’s a totally gross article by Minette Marrin in The Times this week about the world’s oldest profession. Minette Marrin is not my favourite journalist in the world for reasons...

Samara Ginsberg // 19 March 2008

Categories: Blog

Mind-bendingly godawful picture of the day

Well, I’m a bare stem, as are the majority of our readers I would guess. Oh woe is me, I so regret losing my beautiful petals – NOT! Seriously, this...

Samara Ginsberg // 7 March 2008

Categories: Blog

More on male violence against women

Joan Smith has written an opinion piece for The Independent about the recent spate of high-profile sexually-motivated murder cases perpetrated by men against women. For the benefit of anyone who’s...

Samara Ginsberg // 28 February 2008

Categories: Blog

I heart this cartoon

That is all.

Samara Ginsberg // 18 February 2008

Categories: Blog

“Sterilise all teenage girls” says Fay Weldon

Fay Weldon has written a pretty outrageous piece for the Daily Mail in which she suggests that all girls between the ages of 12 and 17 should be forcibly sterilised....

Samara Ginsberg // 15 February 2008

Categories: Blog

Women of color have brains!

Remember that whole business of black women having to choose between their race or their gender? CNN readers have been up in arms about it too: An e-mailer named Tiffany...

Samara Ginsberg // 28 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Get your free clitoridectomy here!

This article from the New York Times also put me right off my breakfast this morning. It’s a report from a centre in Indonesia that offers free female circumcisions. That’s...

Samara Ginsberg // 22 January 2008

Categories: Blog

In praise of pants

Whoever knew that men’s underpants were so important? I certainly didn’t until I read this highly entertaining article in The Independent this morning. Apparently, for the first time in ages,...

Samara Ginsberg //

Categories: Blog

Oprah is "a traitor"

Apparently Oprah Winfrey is in trouble with her female fan base for backing Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton, The Times reports. Oprah has been very publicly backing Obama by...

Samara Ginsberg // 21 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Random Acts of Feminism

Head over to the Guardian today for a fab article by Wendy Roby about how we can improve the state of the world with “Random Acts of Feminism” (Roby’s capitalisation!)...

Samara Ginsberg // 18 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Rapists to be snared by text messages

The police have unveiled plans today to experiment with gathering evidence for rape trials by encouraging suspects to incriminate themselves with texts and phone calls to the victims. “Police get...

Samara Ginsberg // 14 January 2008

Categories: Blog


Last night I went to see the Seduced exhibition at the Barbican. This has been on for months and I expect that many of our London-based readers will have seen...

Samara Ginsberg // 11 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Get Skinny!

It’s that time of year again! If you’re a walking stereotype you’ll have stuffed yourself silly over the festive season and gone up to – gasp! – a size 12....

Samara Ginsberg // 9 January 2008

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