Articles by Sasha Garwood

A life for themselves

Sasha Garwood attends the preview of a forthcoming three-part BBC serial telling the story of the Bloomsbury group and sisters, writer, Virginia Woolf and, artist, Vanessa Bell

Sasha Garwood // 21 July 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

A kinder, gentler Litchfield?

Sasha Garwood follows up on Dawn Kofie's recap of season two of Orange is the New Black, with the lowdown on the first episode of season three

Sasha Garwood // 16 June 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

On football, gender, and emotional expression

Sasha Garwood writes about football and gender expression.

Sasha Garwood // 1 April 2015

Categories: Blog

On fatphobia, thin privilege, and ‘skinny shaming’

Sasha Garwood critique's body shaming of all sizes.

Sasha Garwood // 31 March 2015

Categories: Blog

On step-parenting whilst bookish and queer and other such weirdnesses

Sasha Garwood writes about her experience with her step daughter

Sasha Garwood // 25 March 2015

Categories: Blog

Trigger warning: in which intent and outcome are so rarely coincident

Sasha Garwood focuses on Neil Gaiman's new book Trigger Warning

Sasha Garwood // 22 March 2015

Categories: Blog

Pretty on the inside, or, in which language is a bastard

Sasha Garwood discusses the problem with the word pretty.

Sasha Garwood // 17 March 2015

Categories: Blog

On Terry Pratchett, without whom the world is poorer

March's guest blogger Sasha Garwood reflects on the literary loss of Terry Pratchett.

Sasha Garwood // 12 March 2015

Categories: Blog

Queer passing straight

Sasha Garwood is our guest blogger for March. I’m queer. So’s my boyfriend. Thing is, we’re a cis boy and girl, and so to all outward appearances (unless you actually...

Sasha Garwood // 10 March 2015

Categories: Blog

In which we need to talk about rape

Sasha Garwood reflects on the Guardian's latest article on rape.

Sasha Garwood //

Categories: Blog

Hospital food, eating disorders

Guest blogger Sasha Garwood reflects on her recent experience eating hospital food while struggling with an eating disorder.

Sasha Garwood // 8 March 2015

Categories: Blog


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