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The F-Word is recruiting new editors

The F-Word is looking for new editors, with roles available for Social Media and Visual Arts/Photography

Shoshana Devora // 25 November 2016

Categories: Blog

How to have a conversation about Keith Vaz

Shoshana Devora considers why the language we use when discussing Keith Vaz is important within the broader context of LGBT+ MPs

Shoshana Devora // 7 September 2016

Categories: Blog

The return of Caitlin Moran

Shoshana Devora reviews Caitlin Moran’s Moranifesto and finds there is much to enjoy, but also a lot to criticise

Shoshana Devora // 10 August 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

A new sexual revolution?

Shoshana Devora reviews Mona Eltahawy’s book, Headscarves and Hymens, and finds it a brave and important insight into the injustice and oppression still experienced by many women in the Middle East

Shoshana Devora // 2 March 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

Please can we stop calling Jeremy Hunt a cunt

Shoshana Devora worries that there is underlying misogyny in critics' attempts to shame Jeremy Hunt by comparing him to female genitalia - we should be talking about our cunts in a celebratory way

Shoshana Devora // 13 February 2016

Categories: Blog, Uncategorized

Finding out what True Beauty is

Shoshana Devora enjoys the exploration of worth and beauty in new writing Linda currently showing at the Royal Court Theatre

Shoshana Devora // 10 December 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

A feminist Barbie?

Mattel's new ad shows little girls dreaming big, but their bodies still have to be impossibly small, writes Shoshana Devora

Shoshana Devora // 25 October 2015

Categories: Blog

Spring singing

Although a fan of progressive production company Mama Quilla, Shoshana Devora is disappointed by a fairly superficial account of women in the Arab Spring from The Singing Stones

Shoshana Devora // 16 February 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

More reviews from EdFringe

We finish our theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 with a handful more on plays about body image, poverty and sex work

Shoshana Devora // 27 August 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Three against Page 3

Shoshana Devora praises Fluff Production and its collection of short plays challenging Page 3

Shoshana Devora // 3 March 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Mystified by The Mistress Contract

Although a self-proclaimed feminist play, The Mistress Contract is reductive and driven by stereotypes, finds Shoshana Devora

Shoshana Devora // 14 February 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Good vibrations

Shoshana Devora enjoys a fun, engaging and thoughtful look at 19th century sexuality at In the Next Room

Shoshana Devora // 11 December 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

A female Pope

Pope Joan tells a medieval story of rising through the Catholic Church's ranks by presenting as a man. Shoshana Devora struggles to find depth in this play and is confused by the characterisation

Shoshana Devora // 17 September 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Blood and guts and liberty

A play about women working in a meat market enchants Shoshana Devora, who finds the message compelling and the story-telling excellent

Shoshana Devora // 16 May 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

No interaction at Silver Action

Although Shoshana Devora looked forward to participating in Silver Action, an artwork involving the discussions of older feminists, she was disappointed by unexpected restrictions and lack of engagement

Shoshana Devora // 6 February 2013

Categories: Art, Reviews

Focusing on women

A new photography exhibition attempts to highlight the roles of women and society's messages to them. Shoshana Devora finds Dorothy Bohm's work is sadly spot on

Shoshana Devora // 11 December 2012

Categories: Art, Reviews

A hard issue with a soft premise

The Soft of Her Palm promises to confront our expectations of domestic violence, but Shoshana Devora finds it falls back on damaging and unhelpful stereotypes

Shoshana Devora // 16 October 2012

Categories: Reviews, Theatre


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