Articles by Sian Norris

The Reinvention of Love

Sian Norris finds herself approving of the subversion of traditional sexual roles in the portrayal of Charles Saint-Beuve - "a man like no other" - in Helen Humphrey's novel The Reinvention of Love

Sian Norris // 8 April 2012

Categories: Books, Reviews

Challenging rape myths in the mainstream

Emilia di Girolamo, the lead writer on Law and Order: UK, takes an unflinching view of gang rape in the show's next episode. Siân Norris met her to discuss her motivations

Sian Norris // 29 January 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Interviews, Violence

How the coalition cuts are impacting the women of Bristol

As a report finds Bristol's women are being hit hard by coalition cuts, Sian Norris interviews domestic violence advisor Sian Taylor from Wish, one of the organisations forced to slash services

Sian Norris // 2 November 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

The Painted Lady

Sian Norris dissects the problems behind mistress narratives in historial fiction, and explains why Maeve Haran's The Painted Lady doesn't fall into the typical traps

Sian Norris // 13 September 2011

Categories: Books

One Dimensional Woman

Feminism risks becoming a meaningless word, co-opted by capitalism and right-wing politicians such as Sarah Palin, according to Nina Power's latest book. Sian Norris has more

Sian Norris // 16 February 2011

Categories: Books


Did you have a 'click' moment, a sudden realisation that "I am a feminist"? Or was it more gradual? Sian Norris reviews an anthology of stories about coming into a feminist identity

Sian Norris // 17 October 2010

Categories: Books

Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory

Deborah Withers' book is not a biography of Kate Bush. Instead, says Sian Norris, it is a treasure map to the theories underpinning the cultural icon's work

Sian Norris // 10 October 2010

Categories: Books

Never Kiss a Man in a Canoe

Advice dished out by agony aunts and uncles from the 1850s to 1960s demonstrates how much has changed - and how much has stayed the same, argues Sian Norris

Sian Norris // 24 July 2010

Categories: Books

Honour and the Sword

A L Berridge's swashbuckler is a challenge to this male-dominated branch of historical fiction, says Sian Norris

Sian Norris // 22 May 2010

Categories: Books

Daphne Du Maurier’s feminist fairy tales

Sian Norris reconsiders Daphne du Maurier's novels

Sian Norris // 5 December 2009

Categories: Books

The Hour Past Midnight

Salma's debut novel is a moving and beautifully-written must-read, says Sian Norris

Sian Norris // 4 October 2009

Categories: Books

Dirt: Quirks, Habits and Passions of Keeping House

Sian Norris reviews an anthology which explores our feelings about dirt (and cleaning it up)

Sian Norris // 9 September 2009

Categories: Books


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