Articles by Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Home Economics: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st Century Household

This is a collection of excerpts from the text books used to teach early 20th century schoolgirls home economics. The material has been uncritically repackaged and marketed to 21st century women, says Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 2 December 2010

Categories: Books

Beyond the Circle

Jane Fae Ozimek's book takes a refreshing and inspiring look at questions of taboo, sex and the law - but does not quite have the answers, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 28 September 2010

Categories: Books

Why feminists shouldn’t have to keep mum

A feminist challenge to sexism within the current cult of motherhood is needed, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 4 December 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Feminism, Work and Play

Incitement to rape

Denying women's sexuality won't prevent rape, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 13 October 2008

Categories: Sex and Relationships, Violence

Is alcohol really a feminist issue?

The hysteria over women and alcohol is flawed feminism, argues Victoria Dutchman-Smith. Women don't need to be protected from equality - they should be free to make their own choices, just like men.

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 18 September 2004

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

Are you married? If not, why not?

Why isn't she married? Because it's a patriarchal, homophobic institution, and always will be, says Victoria Dutchman-Smith.

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 19 March 2004

Categories: Sex and Relationships


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