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Please note that we get inundated by enquiries and requests for help, and unfortunately we can’t reply to them all. This site is run by volunteers in our spare time and we will not always be able to help everyone.

If your question is about The F Word site itself, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions before emailing us.

If you are a student and want some ideas on a specific topic, check our Resources section which has links to many useful websites there to help your studies. Please note that we can’t do your research for you!

There is a search engine on The F-Word which you can use to search the site for mentions of specific issues if you want to quote comments from the site in your articles. Just go to the Home Page and there is a search box there.

If you have a specific question, it might be worth going to and clicking on “Ask Amy”. You can ask questions about feminism here, and you might find yours has already been answered.

If you still want to ask us a question, contact However, please remember that:

a) feminism is very diverse and feminists have different opinions on things.

b) we can’t do your research for you!

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