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Echoes of Section 28

30 years after the Local Government Act 1988 was passed, D H Kelly describes what it was like to grow up under Section 28 and notices uncanny echoes in modern day transphobia

D H Kelly // 29 May 2018

Categories: Education, Features, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships

“Everybody that comes here is here for a reason, whether you know it or not”

Jo Whitehead talks to the inspirational Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani, director of Oxford’s Young Women’s Music Project, about getting involved in music, sexism in the music industry and maintaining a safe and creative space for the young women of Oxfordshire

Joanna Whitehead // 11 August 2017

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Features, Feminism, Interviews

Slut-shamed by my teacher

Lydia Day tells the story of how she was humiliated by a teacher who took exception to the length of her skirt

Lydia Day // 15 April 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Education, Features

Science, stereotypes and society

Pamela Jacobsen explores stereotype threat - a phenomenon where people underperform in certain subjects when they're reminded of their gender

Pamela Jacobsen // 24 February 2016

Categories: Education, Features, Work and Play

We need to stop talking about triggers and start talking about access

D H Kelly argues that the semantics of "trigger warnings" is perpetuating a harmful debate

D H Kelly // 21 July 2015

Categories: Education, Features

Is women’s struggle for education over?

Women appear to 'have it all' in higher education, but does numerical dominance necessarily imply that women have achieved equality? Charlotte Knight argues that the curtailment of women's voices in universities suggests not

Charlotte Knight // 26 June 2013

Categories: Education, Features

Who’s to blame: sexism in universities

When Beth Saward complained of sexual harassment during freshers' week, she was held responsible for it. Here she discusses the deeply ingrained sexist culture in universities

Beth Saward // 10 April 2013

Categories: Education, Features

That’s what she said: Lad culture in universities

Through their report on lad culture in higher education, the National Union of Students is calling for action on sexism in universities. Kelley Temple discusses the extent and impact of lad culture on women students

Kelley Temple // 18 March 2013

Categories: Education, Features

Taking advantage of mum?

Rebecca is a student who has moved back with her mum - just what David Cameron has urged young people to do, rather than relying on housing benefit. But, she asks, is this the best plan for either of them?

Rebecca // 4 September 2012

Categories: Class, Education, Family, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

Bipolar disorder and suicide: a film

Yasmin Melany's very personal short film maps her own suicide attempt onto a wider landscape of the everyday struggles women living with bipolar disorder often face. Indebted to phototherapy for most of her life, she explains her project frame by frame

Yasmin Melany // 14 July 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Education

Feminism: still excluding working class women?

Working class women talk to Pavan Amara about feeling excluded and patronised by a classist feminist movement where middle class voices are still dominating the debate

Pavan Amara // 7 March 2012

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Family, Feminism, Language, Work and Play

A degree in sexism

Going to university has made me a feminist, says Cherry Morris

Cherry Morris // 14 November 2011

Categories: Education, Feminism

Why feminists should join the fightback against higher education cuts and fees

Critical skills taught on university humanities courses challenge the world view of students and make them a breeding ground for resistance to the status quo, argues Nola Kay

Nola Kay // 1 April 2011

Categories: Activism, Education, Work and Play

On campus, feminism wavers

University students are used to applying feminist theory in their academic work, but this fails to transfer out of the classroom, reports Lizzie Dearden

Lizzie Dearden // 29 August 2010

Categories: Activism, Education, Feminism

Gender in the playground

Primary schools are no utopia of skipping rope and gender blind comradery. Instead, girls are already learning to worry about their looks - and boys are learning male privilege, reports teacher Kate Townshend

Kate Townshend // 25 October 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Education, Fashion and Image

The woman engineer: are we really that incompetent?

What is really holding back women in engineering, and stopping girls from aspiring to careers in applied sciences? Wisrutta Atthakor investigates

Wisrutta Atthakor // 20 July 2009

Categories: Education, Stereotypes, Work and Play

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