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A Perfect Delusion

What effect are men's magazines having on men's views of women and heterosexual relationships? Samantha Lyster thinks men who fall for the magazines' propaganda about women are setting themselves up for a fall.

Samantha Lyster // 19 April 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Men, Sex and Relationships

Handbags and Gladrags

Keys, tissues, Vaseline, sunglasses, batteries, tampons, gloves, paracetamol, sewing kit, rescue remedy... How come women feel naked without a handbag stuffed with items 'just in case', but men can cope with a pocket or two? Beth Anderson challenges us to travel light for a change.

Beth Anderson //

Categories: Fashion and Image

Feminine Feminism

Laura Wadsworth loves lipstick, fashion, boys, and the colour pink. Does that mean she's not a feminist? No way! Girly girls can be just as feminist as anyone else, she argues.

Laura Wadsworth // 19 March 2004

Categories: Fashion and Image, Feminism

Cutting Women Down to Size

Is Michelle's victory in Pop Idol a sign that we're starting to reject the impossible beauty standards imposed on us? As much as she wants to believe, Jo Knowles isn't so sure.

Jo Knowles // 19 January 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image

Body Image

Lorraine Smith explains the pressures the media puts on women to be thin and beautiful.

Lorraine Smith // 16 March 2003

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image

Pretty Vacant

Who wears the trousers? Holly Combe doesn't skirt the issue as she analyses society's negative attitudes to 'feminine' clothing.

Holly Combe // 16 December 2002

Categories: Fashion and Image

Diet Grrrl – Feminism and Women’s Magazines

Kate Allen looks at women's magazines today - and thinks enough is enough.

Kate Allen // 16 August 2002

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image

Confessions of a Failed Fashionista

I know what I should be. Don't we all? You only have to look around you at the magazines or watch TV. What should I be? I should know the difference between Versace and Louis Vuitton; between Prada and Paul Smith. Shopping for clothes should fill me with orgasmic delight

Catherine Redfern // 16 November 2001

Categories: Fashion and Image

The Signs of Ageing

Wrinkles? Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough. Go on then, crows-feet, you don't scare me! I laugh at you! Ha ha ha! Grey? Grey? It's silver, you imbecile. Yes, you too can have this attitude to ageing. Just follow our three step plan, click here. By Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern // 13 June 2001

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image

Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

Why are more and more young women opting for breast implants? Catherine Redfern offers an explanation.

Catherine Redfern // 16 April 2001

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image

The Beauty Myth

Are we exploited by the cosmetics industry?

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Fashion and Image, Soundbites

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