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Say it loud, sing it loud

Victoria Bailey meets Cassie Fox of music promoters Loud Women, a group dedicated to supporting women in music

Victoria Bailey // 25 May 2018

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Herstory, Interviews, Music

Gentrification threatens the future of the London Feminist Library

Emma Snaith investigates the potential eviction of the Feminist Library and the ongoing fight to save this vital resource

Emma Snaith // 23 June 2016

Categories: Activism, Features, Herstory

Words, not guitar: Viv Albertine on the book she never thought she’d write

Cazz Blase speaks to Viv about her book Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys

Cazz Blase // 24 September 2015

Categories: Features, Feminism, Herstory, Interviews

Remembering our foremothers

Laura Wilkinson speaks to women who participated in the 1984 miners' strike to find out how the industrial dispute changed their lives

Laura Wilkinson // 27 May 2014

Categories: Activism, Class, Features, Herstory, Interviews

Do women dream of electric sheep? Delia Derbyshire and the women of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Delia Derbyshire has enjoyed a resurgence of recognition in the past decade and has taken her well-deserved place as one of the founders of modern electronic music. But she was hardly the only woman to work at the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. Michelle Drury takes us on a journey through the history of the Workshop and pays tribute to the women who passed through the Maida Vale studios

Michelle Drury // 28 October 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Herstory, Music, Radio, Stereotypes, Work and Play

The Victorians and the speculum

Kaye Jones on the history of the speculum

Kaye Jones // 18 April 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Herstory

Are you writing in permanent marker?

What happens when a brilliant feminist blog gets deleted, or an online magazine disappears? The Women's Library is ensuring that as many resources as possible leave a more permanent mark through the British Library Web Archive, Inderbir Bhullar explains

Inderbir Bhullar // 20 November 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory

Women’s erasure from women’s memorials

The only memorial to women's contributions in World War II depicts empty clothing. Carolyn Dougherty considers what this says about the erasure of women from public spaces. With contributions from Alex Wardrop

Carolyn Dougherty // 16 June 2011

Categories: Herstory

A woman called Toothpaste: an interview with Lucy Whitman

Cazz Blase interviews Lucy Toothpaste, who wrote the fanzine JOLT and played a central role in the punk feminist movement

Cazz Blase // 20 May 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory, Interviews, Magazines, Music

The revolution is in you

Chloe Stopa-Hunt looks back to the historical figure of Lucile Duplessis from the French Revolution and considers how she has been 'put back' into history by modern writers

Chloe Stopa-Hunt // 4 May 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory

‘I’m 37 with enough stories for an 80 year old’

Ece Temelkuran's passion for storytelling is clear in the first few minutes of meeting her. But, as a Turkish woman, some stories are dangerous for her to tell. Mary Pole reports

Mary Pole // 10 March 2011

Categories: Herstory, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs

Punk women write back

Women from the 1970s punk scene in the UK have not stood by as their contributions were erased from the music history books, but have documented that time with their own books and films. Cazz Blase reports

Cazz Blase // 2 January 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory, Interviews

A modest reminder

On 2 March, 1911, Emily Davison hid in a broom cupboard in order to be registered as resident at the House of Commons on the census. Nearly 100 years later, as the next census approaches, David Standen revisits Davison's story

David Standen // 24 November 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

Women in punk: the return

The 1990s brought with them grunge, riot grrrl - and fresh inspiration for the women at the centre of Britain's 1970s punk scene. Cazz Blase continues her series

Cazz Blase // 12 October 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory

Out with the old warrior queens, in with the new?

Boudicca's warrior-queen appeal to activists is enduring. But, argues Hanna Thomas, is it time to create some new myths?

Hanna Thomas // 3 October 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence, 30 years later

A J Conroy looks back at what we can learn about the need to form ties with other women from Adrienne Rich's famous essay

A.J. Conroy // 15 August 2010

Categories: Feminism, Herstory

Women in punk: the disappearing years

What happened to the women of 1970s British punk once the 1980s dawned? Cazz Blase continues her series

Cazz Blase // 22 July 2010

Categories: Herstory

Sarkless Kitty and the ghosts of misogyny

A young woman transgresses against the strict gender roles of her time. Katharine Edgar considers the seed of truth behind ghost stories such as Sarkless Kitty

Katharine Edgar // 24 June 2010

Categories: Herstory

Women of the punk era

Cazz Blase interviews women of British 1970s punk on the music - and the politics, in part three of her series

Cazz Blase // 24 April 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory

Writing women back into punk

In the second installment of her series, Cazz Blase looks at how punk was covered by the music and feminist presses, the work of female journalists, and how women punks came to be largely written out of the history books

Cazz Blase // 14 March 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory

Women in punk: ‘Too Good To Be Forgotten’

Women's involvement in British punk has been marginalised and written out of mainstream histories. In the next few months, The F-Word will run a series of features on women in punk by Cazz Blase. By way of introduction, here she sketches out her own first encounters with the genre, and carries out a vox pop in Manchester to gauge whether the person on the street can name any women in punk

Cazz Blase // 28 February 2010

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory

Bring the herstory of riot grrrl back into the present

What has happened to the legacy of riot grrrl? asks Heather McIntosh

Heather McIntosh // 3 February 2010

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Feminism, Herstory, Work and Play

A gude cause maks a strong arm

Wisrutta Atthakor reports back from the Gude Cause march through Edinburgh, 100 years to the day since Scottish suffragettes took to the city's streets

Wisrutta Atthakor // 18 November 2009

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Herstory, Scotland

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