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“I’m not a TERF, but…”

Jo Whitehead despairs at Jenni Murray’s recent assertion that trans women cannot be ‘real’ women

Joanna Whitehead // 6 March 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Features, Language, Politics and Current Affairs, Stereotypes, Violence

Women born women?

As a controversial conference restricts entry to 'women born women', Helen G analyses this phrase

Helen G // 21 May 2012

Categories: Feminism, Language

Feminism: still excluding working class women?

Working class women talk to Pavan Amara about feeling excluded and patronised by a classist feminist movement where middle class voices are still dominating the debate

Pavan Amara // 7 March 2012

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Family, Feminism, Language, Work and Play

Feminist critics of SlutWalk have forgotten that language is not a commodity

SlutWalk is primarily a protest movement against victim-blaming, points out Sophie Jones. Feminist critics of the name have got the wrong end of the stick, she argues

Sophie Jones // 8 June 2011

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Language, Violence

Men and women: are we really worlds apart?

Do women and men talk differently? And, if they do, why? Kitty Sadler explores the theories

Kitty Sadler // 13 March 2011

Categories: Language

Ms, Miss or Mrs?

Amelia Sage argues that titles still retain powerful and bemusing stereotypes

Amelia Sage // 10 July 2010

Categories: Language

Feminism and the vampire novel

Much has been written about sexism in the Twilight books and film. Here, Caitlin Brown puts the series in context of other popular vampire fiction

Caitlin Brown // 8 September 2009

Categories: Culture and Media, Feminism, Language, Racism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

Across the porn divide

It's time to end the battle of words, argues Debi Crow

Debi Crow // 10 September 2008

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Language

In the name of the father…

For many women, getting married still means changing their name. Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams has an alternate proposal

Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams // 20 August 2008

Categories: Family, Feminism, Language, Sex and Relationships

Trans 101

Helen G sets out a glossary of common terms and definitions

Helen G // 17 March 2008

Categories: Language

How to get an activist movement to keep women in prostitution

What use are sex worker groups that give out condoms and showers, but can't help women who want to exit prostitution? Ekis reports from Barcelona on prostitution and the campaign for legalisation

Ekis // 16 March 2008

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Language, Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships, Violence, Work and Play

How the word ‘slut’ oppresses women

Ever been called a 'slag'? How about 'frigid'? Jennifer Drew explains how such derogatory language is used to keep women in their place

Jennifer Drew // 31 January 2008

Categories: Language, Sex and Relationships, Violence

How not to write your policy on transgender rights

A Home Office policy that should help protect transgender civil servants from discrimination? Great news. But, asks Emma Wood, why does it insist that women and men have different brains?

Emma Wood // 5 December 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Language, Work and Play

Feeling a bit uncomfortable?

Who wants to be told they have an incompetent cervix? Jane Purcell reports from the maternity ward

Jane Purcell // 4 December 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Family, Language

Does ‘gender neutral’ language serve to cover up male violence?

Gender-neutral language applies to male criminals, but not to their female victims, argues Jennifer Drew

Jennifer Drew // 3 December 2007

Categories: Culture and Media, Language, Men, Violence

A Bride by Any Other Name

When Eleanor Turner announced that she would not be changing her name after walking down the aisle, and instead her new husband would take on her surname, reactions ranged from shock to annoyance. She considers why breaking with tradition provokes such strong feelings

Eleanor Turner // 2 May 2007

Categories: Family, Language, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Men and Children First

Can women ever achieve parity with men when deep seated views of their physical weakness still remain? Ealasaid Gilfillan argues that linking 'women and children' together is a symptom of the sort of ingrained attitudes that must be challenged if women are to move forwards.

Ealasaid Gilfillan // 1 February 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Language

Mind Your Language

'Political Correctness gone mad' is considered the ultimate insult whenever a feminist dares to speak up about language. Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams isn't scared off though: she argues that we need to question and challenge the words we use now more than ever.

Sarah Louisa Phythian-Adams // 8 January 2007

Categories: Language

War of Words

'Feminism' 'Slut' 'Bitch': all powerful words evoking strong (mostly negative) reactions. Should we reclaim tainted words, or drop them for something less provocative? Kate Townshend discusses this question, and explains why the language we use to define ourselves - and allow others to use to define us - is still important to the feminist cause.

Kate Townshend // 16 November 2006

Categories: Feminism, Language

Subvert the Dominant Pimpiarchy

How did the abusive, exploitative role of Pimp become the epitome of cool? Rachel Bell comments on this outrageous trend in modern culture.

Rachel Bell // 8 November 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Language, Violence

Taboo For Who?

Swearing is becoming more accepted in our society, but many people still consider 'cunt' taboo. Why is this? It's time we got over such silly squeamishness, Kate Allen argues.

Kate Allen // 19 October 2003

Categories: Language

The Name of the Game

Can you be a 'Mrs' and a feminist at the same time? Mrs Angela Everitt explores.

Angela Everitt //

Categories: Language, Sex and Relationships

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