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Maid of the manor

Despite all our advances, men still dominate public life. But if they are so smart, asks Amity Reed, why can't they fathom how to do the housework?

Amity Reed // 30 August 2007

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Abby Lee – girl with (not just) a one-track mind

Sex-blogger Abby Lee faces down the double standard that would label her a slut on a regular basis. She speaks to Abby O'Reilly about being 'outed' in the press, fan mail and her new role as spokesperson for the next sexual revolution

Abby OReilly // 8 August 2007

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Coitophobia: who do you trust?

Maria Roberts explains why she bypassed writing about the experience of domestic violence, to craft a play about two women pulling themselves together after their escape

Maria Roberts //

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships, Violence

‘Honey! Your vagina needs a mint’

The Vagina Institute purports to provide a public service to curious women. But Samara Ginsberg detects a rather different agenda

Samara Ginsberg // 7 July 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

I did it my way

The word spinster seems woefully out-dated. But, when Emma Hadfield exited a long-term relationship, she found some people still can't come to terms with women who choose to stay single and child-free

Emma Hadfield //

Categories: Family, Feminism, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

Yummy-mummy or pramface?

Baby-making has become a high-pressure pursuit, argues Abby O'Reilly. Celebrity 'yummy-mummies' only raise the stakes further and obscure the realities of child-birth and motherhood

Abby OReilly //

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Sex and Relationships

A Bride by Any Other Name

When Eleanor Turner announced that she would not be changing her name after walking down the aisle, and instead her new husband would take on her surname, reactions ranged from shock to annoyance. She considers why breaking with tradition provokes such strong feelings

Eleanor Turner // 2 May 2007

Categories: Family, Language, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

The farmer wants a wife, the wife wants a wife

Women don't want to be lumbered with the housework, but men aren't willing to pick up the bucket and mop. Right? JC Sutcliffe asks why women perpetuate the myth that men are incapable of doing domestic chores

JC Sutcliffe // 29 March 2007

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Flicking the Bean

Thanks to the media and canny advertising agencies, we are surrounded by sexualised images of women. Abby O'Reilly asks why actual female sexual pleasure is still taboo

Abby OReilly // 1 March 2007

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

Sex and the Music Video

Like the rest of us, Fay Bound Alberti can't seem to escape the soft-core pornography that's become part of everyday life. She ponders what it all means for women, men, girls, boys, and relationships.

Fay Bound Alberti // 1 February 2007

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

A Real Alternative?

As feminists fight to expand the frontiers of sexuality beyond the one-size-fits all, bland world of lad-mag culture, do 'alternative porn' sites have something to offer the feminist cause - or are they the same old objectification with extra tattoos? Jessica Bateman discusses some of the possible pros and cons of 'alt-porn'.

Jessica Bateman // 3 January 2007

Categories: Sex and Relationships

The Food of Love?

When a man insists on paying for all your meals, what's the real motive? Claire McGowan examines why she fights for the right to pay her own way.

Claire McGowan // 16 November 2006

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Declaration of Independence

You're female, successful, single, and prefer your life that way. So why are you still seen as an object of pity? Abby O'Reilly argues that women are still put under immense pressure by friends, family, and the dominant culture to 'bag a man'.

Abby OReilly // 26 September 2006

Categories: Sex and Relationships

New Rights, Old Wrongs

Civil Partnerships being restricted to same-sex couples is more than a strange and irritating political decision - it's an indefensible refusal to create real legal equality for all citizens. Susan Hunter explains how the Equal Partnership Campaign is fighting to end 400 years of sexual segregation - and how you can help.

Susan Hunter // 29 May 2006

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Sex and Relationships

Oh, Mr Darcy!

Why do so many heterosexual women still find the Darcy figure attractive? Sheryl Plant ponders the influence of romantic fiction on women's expectations of love and relationships. She discusses how lusting after the dominant male archetype can be interpreted both as resistance to patricarchy and compliance with it.

Sheryl Plant //

Categories: Sex and Relationships

Why men suck (and the women who have to)

When teaching English in Cambodia, a country with a pervasive, exploitative sex industry, Laura Carr was shocked to discover that almost all her western male friends were happy to participate.

Laura Carr // 17 September 2004

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

Just a Stripper

Can sex work ever be truly radical when money is involved? Exploring how feminists and feminist sex workers are often forced into opposing camps, Natasha Forrest argues that a simplistic 'for or against' divide does not reflect the true complexity of the issue.

Natasha Forrest // 11 August 2004

Categories: Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Every Girl Wants a Stalker

Films, pop songs and mainstream popular culture all push the same message: that men must pursue women to ridiculous extremes, even if the attention is unwanted. Yet if women pursue men, they are seen as desperate, needy, and sad. Rachel E exposes the double standard.

Rachel Eastwell // 1 August 2004

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

Why it’s time for the ‘battle of the sexes’ to end

Lad culture has done nothing more than perpetuate petty hatred between the sexes. Enough is enough, says Laura Baldwin.

Laura Baldwin // 20 July 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Men, Sex and Relationships

Growing up or giving in?

Ms Razorblade is sick and tired of being told that being a lesbian-feminist and a vegan is boring, prudish, and dull, dull, dull. Is refusing men, meat and porn a sign of immaturity - or is 'growing up' really just giving in?

Ms Razorblade //

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism, Sex and Relationships

Contraception and Control – Teenage Rights

Megan argues that teenagers deserve the same control over their bodies and rights to contraception as any other women - without having to go through their parents.

Megan // 1 June 2004

Categories: Body and Health, Sex and Relationships

A Perfect Delusion

What effect are men's magazines having on men's views of women and heterosexual relationships? Samantha Lyster thinks men who fall for the magazines' propaganda about women are setting themselves up for a fall.

Samantha Lyster // 19 April 2004

Categories: Culture and Media, Fashion and Image, Men, Sex and Relationships

Are you married? If not, why not?

Why isn't she married? Because it's a patriarchal, homophobic institution, and always will be, says Victoria Dutchman-Smith.

Victoria Dutchman-Smith // 19 March 2004

Categories: Sex and Relationships

The Feminist Minefield?

Lorraine Smith doesn't think feminism is incompatible with a penchant for pornography. She argues that the industry is finally beginning to benenfit women, both as participants and viewers.

Lorraine Smith // 19 December 2003

Categories: Culture and Media, Sex and Relationships

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Reading feminist research on the subject of non-verbal behaviour was a revelation to Anna Sandfield. Here she explains how women and men's subconscious body language (touching, sitting, even smiling) can reinforce gender roles - without even being aware of it.

Anna Sandfield // 19 October 2003

Categories: Men, Sex and Relationships

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