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From the blog Anyone but the Tories

Kate Townshend shares her exasperation with the general election, imploring us not to buy what Theresa May is selling


By Guest Blogger
20 April 2017

From the magazine Gone, but not forgotten

Harriet Kilikita finds Amy Gentry’s Good as Gone to be a gripping thriller with a sensitive and intelligent heart

By Harriet Kilikita
22 April 2017

From the magazine Standing up to industry norms

Sara Sheridan shares her experience of undertaking a feminist marketing campaign featuring a diverse range of models

By Sara Sheridan
17 April 2017

From The Magazine

The magical world of Karen Blixen

Emily Lawford finds much that is compelling in a new production at the Print Room

By Emily Lawford
13 April 2017

An exploration of consent at the National Theatre

Naomi Westerman finds much to think about when reviewing Nina Raine’s new play, Consent

By Naomi Westerman
12 April 2017

Can mum be the word when it comes to modern feminism?

The choice to get married and have children is never a free one, but is the way we speak about how feminism intersects with this choice alienating our mothers? Hannah Murden investigates


By Hannah Murden
12 April 2017

From The Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Today's round-up is a bumper round-up including interesting links from the past fortnight! There's plenty of reading material to get you through the week after the long bank holiday

By Lusana Taylor
17 April 2017

The F-Word stage blog: April 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in April

By Lissy Lovett
17 April 2017

We need to change the way we frame sexual violence

Some women don’t realise they are sexually assaulted until later due to internalised sexism, writes Louisa Adjoa Parker


By Guest Blogger
11 April 2017

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