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Down the rabbit hole

Lauren Hossack finds Sympathy an insightful and compelling exploration of our increasingly digital lives

Lauren Hossack // 26 June 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

Anne with an EAnne with an E tells the trauma of adoption like it is

Alessia Galatini watches Netflix’s recent adaptation of L.M Montgomery’s 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables and finds it takes a stand on what it means to be a good parent

Alessia Galatini // 21 June 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

No man’s land belongs to women

Becky Kukla enjoys Wonder Woman so much that she cannot wait to see more superhero films directed by women

Becky Kukla // 11 June 2017

Categories: Films, Reviews

DIY Cultures 2017 shows us that counterculture is alive and thriving

Erin Aniker chats with festival founders Hamja Ahsan, Helena Wee and Sofia Niazi

Erin Aniker // 8 June 2017

Categories: Activism, Art, Books, Comics, Culture and Media, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs

Law, love and the era of the alt-right

Becky Kukla is impressed with how The Good Fight tackles issues in the current political climate

Becky Kukla // 7 June 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

Singing the unsayable

New York folkatronic duo, Overcoats, and their dark and sweet anthems for living captivate Cazz Blase

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Music, Reviews

A rather tame riot

Cath Murray is slightly disappointed with the slow burning fifth season of the iconic Netflix prison drama, Orange is the New Black

Cath Murray // 6 June 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

A literary masked ball

Author Helen Taylor explores the concept of the pseudonym and forces herself to confront her own preconceptions around what it is to be a 'woman writer'

Helen Taylor // 5 June 2017

Categories: Books

The magic touch

Sarah Tinsley praises Laura Dockrill’s Aurabel for its surprisingly gritty take on the fantasy YA novel

Sarah Tinsley // 1 June 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

The sweat behind the words

Evelyn Deshane reviews Notes from a Feminist Killjoy by Erin Wunker and admires the author’s demonstration of the physical exertion and ‘sweat’ behind the process of writing

Evelyn Deshane // 30 May 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

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