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War stories

Huma Munshi is viscerally moved by the depiction of the effects of war in a new play at the Royal Court in London

Huma Munshi // 6 December 2017

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Making music outside the mainstream

Punk, singer-songwriter and academic Helen McCookerybook talks to her former student and award winning British/Polish singer Katy Carr about song writing, blackbirds, Eric Ravilious and why a loaf of bread is not just a loaf of bread. Jane L North is on hand to observe

Jane North // 3 December 2017

Categories: Features, Interviews, Music

Why are bisexual TV characters such complete jerks?

Bisexual characters remain rare on our TV screens, but D H Kelly notices that when they do appear, they are overwhelmingly sketchy and occasionally villainous

D H Kelly // 29 November 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

The power of the wind

Kirsty Folan hails Karine Polwart’s theatre and music project A Pocket of Wind Resistance as a modern classic

Kirsty Folan // 26 November 2017

Categories: Music, Reviews

The mums are all right

Helena Snider appreciates the mix of statistics and personality in Libby Liburd’s Muvvahood

Helena Snider // 22 November 2017

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Urban carnival

Uplifting beats, political discourse and an overall joyful feel of solidarity. Kirsty Folan is captivated by MALKA’s new album

Kirsty Folan // 13 November 2017

Categories: Music, Reviews, Uncategorized

Don Giovanni for the modern woman

Tanja Daub finds a lot of contemporary relevance in a recent production at the Pleasance Theatre

Tanja Daub // 10 November 2017

Categories: Music, Reviews, Theatre

Music to jump up and down to

A quick burst of alternative rock makes for a thrilling ride as Cazz Blase enjoys Rews' debut album

Cazz Blase // 6 November 2017

Categories: Music, Reviews

Shedding light in dark places

D H Kelly is moved and impressed by the way that The Keepers focuses on the survivors of violence and the mystery of a murder rather than the perpetrators of such violent crimes

D H Kelly // 3 November 2017

Categories: Television

Truth, justice, Wonder Woman and wishful thinking

Ellie Wilson explores whether Professor Marston and the Wonder Women takes too many liberties with the truth to represent real progress for polyamory on film

Ellie Wilson // 2 November 2017

Categories: Comics, Films, Reviews

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