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From pain to empowerment

Zoe Louise Tongue reviews 100 Women I Know, a book detailing accounts of sexual assault and rape from 100 women, finding it an emotionally difficult read but a necessary and powerful one

Zoe Louise Tongue // 26 April 2018

Categories: Books, Reviews

Anxiety, quirks and being unlike the other girls

Tanja Daub enjoys Kibo Productions’ The Big Things despite a couple of missteps

Tanja Daub // 25 April 2018

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

A house that’s bursting at the seams

Helena Snider is diverted but ultimately a little disappointed by Reared at Theatre503

Helena Snider // 24 April 2018

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Forever Kate

Kirsty Folan has been devouring Kate Nash’s latest album Yesterday Was Forever, an experimental affair with nods to previous albums Made Of Bricks and Girl Talk

Kirsty Folan // 23 April 2018

Categories: Music, Reviews

An end to feminism?

Josie Davis reads What Women Want by Ella Whelan and can’t resist writing a pointed response piece about the book that suggests that “feminism must end”

Josie Davis // 18 April 2018

Categories: Books, Reviews

Love, loss and surveillance

Helena Snider finds the examination of the personal cost of political machinations in The Great Wave to be a powerful comment on the human spirit

Helena Snider // 9 April 2018

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Surfing the Femme Wave

As festival season approaches, Victoria Bailey looks to Canada’s Femme Wave for inspiration in a sea of same-old, same-old and male-dominated programmes

Victoria Bailey // 29 March 2018

Categories: Activism, Comedy, Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Music

Transgender visibility in television: are we making progress?

Abby Robson explores the representation of transgender people in television drama, what progress has been made and what needs to happen next

Abby Robson // 21 March 2018

Categories: Reviews, Television

The science of bad language

Louise Jones reviews Dr Emma Byrne’s first book Swearing is Good for You which offers a defence of swearing, backed by historical case studies and cutting-edge research

Louise Jones // 12 March 2018

Categories: Books, Reviews

In the land of the milk and the honey

Cazz Blase heeds Hot Brown Honey’s call to “make noise”

Cazz Blase // 8 March 2018

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

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