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Fat activism, having kids and sexual liberation

Olivia Phipps enjoys Kristine Levine’s new standup album, despite its controversial aspects

Olivia Phipps // 10 July 2018

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

From hashtags to headlines: Woman with a Movie Camera summit

Emily Zinkin reports from British Film Institute’s first-ever summit for professional women in film, who dissected #timesup, performative wokeness, diversity in criticism and the death of the “strong female character” among other things

Emily Zinkin // 19 June 2018

Categories: Films, Reviews

Are you a guilty feminist?

Mary Litchfield reviews an episode of the comedy podcast The Guilty Feminist from earlier this year

Mary Litchfield // 14 June 2018

Categories: Comedy, Reviews, Spoken Work

Real to reel: watching second wave activist documentaries

Rosa Campbell reports from Artists & Activists: Second Wave Feminist Filmmakers, the mini festival of feminist documentaries from the 1970s and 1980s held recently at the Barbican Centre

Rosa Campbell // 12 June 2018

Categories: Films, Reviews

Sassy as

Tami Neilson makes sassy, 1950s-inspired music for the modern age. Cazz Blase is impressed

Cazz Blase // 10 June 2018

Categories: Music, Reviews

First in the world somewhere

Cazz Blase salutes Penny Pepper and enjoys her post punk memoir First in the World Somewhere

Cazz Blase // 3 June 2018

Categories: Books, Music, Reviews

The endurance factor

Cazz Blase is drawn to Tancred’s new album and its bewitching array of catchy indie rock tunes

Cazz Blase // 1 June 2018

Categories: Music, Reviews

Writing a world without gender

Florianne Humphrey is impressed with the socio-political issues explored in the steampunk fantasy novel Galleon

Florianne Humphrey // 31 May 2018

Categories: Books, Reviews

Say it loud, sing it loud

Victoria Bailey meets Cassie Fox of music promoters Loud Women, a group dedicated to supporting women in music

Victoria Bailey // 25 May 2018

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Herstory, Interviews, Music


Wedaeli Chibelushi meets musician Marie Naffah whose project Blindfold provides a platform for blind and partially sighted musicians and their experiences

Wedaeli Chibelushi // 19 May 2018

Categories: Culture and Media, Family, Features, Music

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