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Sarah Pascoe © Dave Brown 3Human behaviour

Lauren Hossack reviews Sara Pascoe’s Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body and learns about the fascinating, complicated past and present of being a woman

Lauren Hossack // 16 June 2016

Categories: Books, Comedy, Reviews

wo squareErotic fiction and interpretive dance

Anne Clark finds lots to laugh at in some of the comedy performances at the Wo! Show & Tell festival at Hackney Showroom

Anne Clark // 6 April 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

kgsquareMaking jokes about ‘women things’

Nick Beard experiences a click of recognition with the comedy of Kerry Godliman

Nick Beard // 21 March 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

square ryanPop culture, feminism and laughs

Nick Beard finds Katherine Ryan manages to introduce a lot of feminist ideas through jokes about pop culture in her new tour Kathbum

Nick Beard // 8 February 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

kitten-killers-featuredCool cats

Grace Sharpley finds the sketch group Kitten Killers have a lot of funny things to say and sing about contemporary sexuality

Grace Sharpley // 4 February 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Karla GowlettBubbling up

Lissy Lovett is impressed with Sofie Hagen’s stand up hour at the Brighton Comedy Festival

Lissy Lovett // 3 November 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

EastEndcabaretPeverted in Soho

Ettie Bailey-King enjoys Perverts: a joyful hybrid of music hall, freakshow Victoriana, stand-up and musical comedy that’s even better than the sum of its parts

Ettie Bailey-King // 24 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

comedy2The second EdFringe 2015 comedy digest

Lissy Lovett and Megan Stodel’s last report from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Lissy Lovett // 18 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

comedy1The first EdFringe 2015 comedy digest

Lissy Lovett and Megan Stodel check out some of the women telling jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe this year

Lissy Lovett // 15 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

luisa2Badass and disinclined to diet

Megan Stodel leaves Luisa Omielan’s stand-up show feeling inspired despite the occasional misstep

Megan Stodel // 29 July 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Olivia-Colman-by-Idil-Sukan-smallerBeyond the jokes

This Comedian is a ten year retrospective of Idil Sukan's work in comedy photography. Hannah Dormor finds its insight into identity dazzling

Hannah Dormor // 2 March 2015

Categories: Art, Comedy, Reviews

tumbleweed1There’s a rich improv scene brewing in Dublin

There's a rich improv scene brewing in Dublin, with many excellent troupes putting on regular performances in theatres, pubs, and coffee shops around town. Jessamyn Fairfield recommends Tumbleweed

Jessamyn Fairfield // 9 January 2014

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

wilby-deadRosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

Rosie Wilby asks an interesting question in Is Monogamy Dead? Chella Quint attends this cheeky and enjoyable new show and tries to work out the answer

Chella Quint // 8 November 2013

Categories: Comedy

f-word-comedy-logo-smallF-Word comedy section: official opening!

Hello! Welcome (properly) to The F Word comedy section. We now have a Twitter account: @fwordcomedy and are building up a pool of reviewers. If you'd like to be a reviewer, get in touch! Details are at the bottom of this post

Chella Quint // 20 August 2013

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

kate-fox-fringe-header-resizedKate Fox: live and in print

Sam Parker finds a strong role model on the spoken word scene in the captivating, funny and warm Kate Fox

Sam Parker // 5 August 2013

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Kate-Smurthwaite-at-Arnolfini-resizedA review from an alien: Kate Smurthwaite supported by Elf Lyons

Camila Troncoso didn't have much experience with stand-up comedy. Actually, the only time she had been to a stand-up comedy show, the routines were full of sexist, classist and racist jokes. But Kate Smurthwaite not only makes her laugh, she also makes her think

Camila Troncoso //

Categories: Comedy

bridget-resizedBridget Christie: A Bic for Her

Bridget Christie is haphazardly and anxiously endearing but with an unrefined, genuine and powerful message. Alicia Rodriguez thinks she's funny as hell

Alicia Rodriguez //

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

WTF_Square_Blue-copy-resizedFunny as Frock!

Promoters of nights with mixed-gender bills can learn a lot from What The Frock! Comedian Charlie Sanders reports from the front

Charlie Sanders //

Categories: Comedy

rosie-feminist-shirt-resizedRosie Wilby: Nineties Woman

Who cares what a bunch of queer feminist students did in the nineties? Thanks to Rosie Wilby, Stephanie Chan does

Stephanie Chan // 28 June 2013

Categories: Comedy

The circle of expectations

We all like a good laugh. But, George Mason argues, the antics of Oxford's improv troupe reveal the lingering shadow of gender stereotypes

George Mason // 2 June 2007

Categories: Comedy

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