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Fun Home: reading it first v watching it first

Ellie Wilson and Emily Zinkin review the graphic novel and musical of Fun Home, Alison Bechdel’s widely acclaimed autobiography

Various Authors // 27 August 2018

Categories: Comics, Reviews, Theatre

The Inking Woman: 250 years of Women Cartoon and Comic Artists in Britain

In examining the 250-year history of female cartoon and comic artists in Britain, Sara Stewart is moved by their trials and tribulations but still sees a long way to go

Sara Stewart // 10 August 2018

Categories: Comics, Reviews

Goodbye Leia (and thank you, Carrie)

Emily Zinkin says goodbye to Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia but is still not done going on adventures in a galaxy far, far away or smashing the space patriarchy

Emily Zinkin // 19 January 2018

Categories: Comics, Culture and Media, Features, Reviews

Truth, justice, Wonder Woman and wishful thinking

Ellie Wilson explores whether Professor Marston and the Wonder Women takes too many liberties with the truth to represent real progress for polyamory on film

Ellie Wilson // 2 November 2017

Categories: Comics, Films, Reviews

DIY Cultures 2017 shows us that counterculture is alive and thriving

Erin Aniker chats with festival founders Hamja Ahsan, Helena Wee and Sofia Niazi

Erin Aniker // 8 June 2017

Categories: Activism, Art, Books, Comics, Culture and Media, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs

Keeping Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas alive: Red Rosa

Sophie Mayer praises Kate Evans’ graphic novel about Rosa Luxemburg for its perfect pairing of word and image

Sophie Mayer // 4 March 2016

Categories: Comics, Reviews

Will you be my mother?

Ania Ostrowska emerges from the jungle of psychoanalytical theory and the garden of literary references to find Alison Bechdel's new graphic memoir quite adorable

Ania Ostrowska // 1 November 2012

Categories: Comics

The Boys

Feminists get Garth Ennis' The Boys all wrong, argues Francesca Lewis. The sexual violence and objectification of women are satirical tools highlighting the emptiness of the superhero genre, rather than misogynist wish fulfilment

Francesca Lewis // 30 May 2012

Categories: Comics, Reviews

Avengers Assemble

It's not Buffy, but Avengers Assemble does get under the skin of Joss Whedon's fans. Imagine if the Marvel universe had more female characters, says Sophie Mayer

Sophie Mayer // 8 May 2012

Categories: Comics, Films, Reviews


Laura Sneddon extols this provocative graphic autobiography as an unmissable read for feminists

Laura Sneddon // 23 February 2012

Categories: Comics, Reviews

Batwoman: Elegy

Debi Linton is impressed with J.H. Williams's outstanding artwork, showcasing a compelling super-heroine written with conviction and complexity by Greg Rucka

Debi Linton // 8 December 2011

Categories: Comics

The Sandman

Despite recent and notable successes, Neil Gaiman's seminal comic series still stands as his greatest achievement, writes Francesca Lewis

Francesca Lewis // 15 August 2011

Categories: Comics

Y: The Last Man

Set in a world where all beings with a Y chromosome have been wiped out, this is one of the most remarkable comic book series of the first decade of the 21st century, says Maura McHugh

Maura McHugh // 18 July 2011

Categories: Comics, Reviews

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