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Women talk about making noise

The music women make when left to their own devices is often sidelined. Julia Downes, editor of 2012's Women Make Noise, previews an upcoming discussion in Sheffield on 16 October about DIY feminist efforts to counter this

Julia Downes // 13 October 2014

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Beautiful life of Alice Walker

Inspired by a biopic of Alice Walker, Huma Munshi reminds us we cannot deny race in feminist discourse

Huma Munshi // 30 March 2013

Categories: Events, Films, Reviews

Delia gets her day

In January Ruth Rosselson attended a series of events held to celebrate the work of electronic composer and Radiophonic Workshopper Delia Derbyshire. She shares her experience of the Delia Derbyshire Day here

Ruth Rosselson // 25 February 2013

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Gender charmers

Ania Ostrowska is charmed by a conference on revolutionary gender politics. But how radical was it on the day?

Ania Ostrowska // 24 February 2013

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The Fearless Frame: Barbara Hammer at Tate Modern

Sophie Mayer hugs, shares, learns and grows with Barbara Hammer's Active Cinema during the latter's retrospective at Tate Modern in London

Sophie Mayer // 19 February 2012

Categories: Art, Events, Films, Reviews

Bloody marvellous

Horror films can be slash-fests that linger over torture of female victims. Or they can be feminist and subversive. Mathilda Gregory reviews the Bloody Women strand at this year's Bird's Eye View Film Festival

Mathilda Gregory // 8 April 2011

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Women’s Liberation Movement @ 40 – Reflections

Catherine Redfern gives some personal reflections on the Women's Liberation Movement @ 40 conference

Catherine Redfern // 18 March 2010

Categories: Events, Reviews

Edinburgh Ladyfest 2009

Wisrutta Atthakor reports back from Edinburgh's second Ladyfest, a festival centring women's art and music, replete with workshops, comedy and stand-up. Includes an interview with Zorras

Wisrutta Atthakor // 3 October 2009

Categories: Events

Creative writing at The Women’s Library

Yasmin Eshref attended a creative writing course for girls and young women at The Women's Library

Yasmin Eshref // 14 August 2009

Categories: Events

The York Lesbian Arts Festival 2008

Literature-loving women flocked to York last month for the UK's only lesbian arts festival. Milly Shaw reports back

Milly Shaw // 3 November 2008

Categories: Events

Tracey, Tomma and the Turner conspiracy

Why have so few women won the Turner Prize? Sue Gilbert argues that the award's youth has not protected it from sexism in the art world

Sue Gilbert // 2 April 2008

Categories: Events

Rollergirls are go!

Rollerderby is a contact sport with a DIY, punk aesthetic, and it has taken North America by storm. Now London's Rollergirls have gotten their skate on with their first ever bout. Team member Rose Hypnol describes the big day

Rose Hypnol // 1 October 2007

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Ladies Rock! London

Three days at a woman-only rock camp, then perform an original song in front of a real live audience. Sounds scary? More like inspiring, says Laura Kidd

Laura Kidd // 4 September 2007

Categories: Events

‘Backlash: The Hidden War on Women in the UK’ – 1st Nov 2006, London

Bailey reports on a thought-provoking film and speaker event organised by the Women's Resource Centre, in November in London

Glencora Bailey // 18 November 2006

Categories: Events

Women and War

'The girl behind the man behind the gun,' reads a poster for Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps. But this Imperial War Museum exhibition does not leave women in the wings, writes Tamlyn Monson.

Tamlyn Monson // 19 April 2004

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Taming of the Shrew

Performed by the Company of Women at the Globe Theatre, 2003

Ealasaid Gilfillan // 18 September 2003

Categories: Events

Rankin and Bailey Down Under

Where do we locate female sexuality? Pin-ups? Pussies? Tamlyn Monson explains how a somewhat ill-conceived exhibition by two male photographers yields an inadvertent answer.

Tamlyn Monson // 19 August 2003

Categories: Events

Response to ‘Under Your Skin’

'Star of Venus' queries Lucy Gollogly's review of Richard Kern's artwork, and below, Lucy responds.

Lucy Gollogly // 16 September 2002

Categories: Events

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