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Have your food for thought with SALT

M. Lý-Eliot is delighted by SALT's issue with an anti-work theme, finding much to think about in its pages

M. Ly-Eliot // 16 August 2014

Categories: Magazines

A woman called Toothpaste: an interview with Lucy Whitman

Cazz Blase interviews Lucy Toothpaste, who wrote the fanzine JOLT and played a central role in the punk feminist movement

Cazz Blase // 20 May 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory, Interviews, Magazines, Music

Women in Chile: Moving towards equality (but only if you look the part)

Chile's Mujer magazine is a bizarre juxtaposition of all that's best in women's journalism and all that's worst in advertising, finds Laura Woodhouse

Laura // 3 May 2007

Categories: Magazines

Who’s to Say Who Understands Us?

From George Clooney to handbag merchant Stuart Vevers, the Observer Woman's list of the 50 men who "really understand" women gets it badly wrong, argues Joanna Tocher

Joanna Tocher // 1 March 2007

Categories: Magazines

Observer Woman

It's now one year old and has won awards, but did it deliver what it promised to women? Dawn Kofie comments on the first year of the Observer Woman magazine.

Dawn Kofie // 4 January 2007

Categories: Magazines


A magazine for women that isn't obsessed with making you feel bad about your body image? Shocking, but possibly true, as Abby O'Reilly explains.

Abby OReilly // 17 November 2006

Categories: Magazines

Girls Like Us vs. Diva

Bailey compares a new lesbian magazine from Amsterdam to the UK's own version. She asks: what should a lesbian magazine look like? Should a lesbian magazine be feminist? How can lesbian magazines avoid being prescriptive about what it means to be queer or female?

Glencora Bailey // 21 October 2006

Categories: Magazines

Paper Dolls: Searching for Women within Kerrang Magazine

Collette explains how Kerrang magazine lets down female rock fans. Analysing a recent issue, she looks at how rarely female artists are seriously covered, and finds that even when women are included the magazine chooses to represent them purely as sexual objects.

Collette // 26 September 2006

Categories: Magazines

Uplift Magazine

Jess McCabe gets her hands on an exciting new, glossy, creative feminist magazine.

Jess McCabe // 22 August 2006

Categories: Magazines

Subtext Magazine

Subtext is a new British feminist magazine coming out of the feminist blogging community. Catherine Redfern gives the low-down on its style and substance.

Catherine Redfern // 13 August 2006

Categories: Magazines

First Magazine

Abby O'Reilly reviews First, a new weekly glossy magazine aimed at women and marketed by Emap as a 'groundbreaking', 'intelligent read' that gives readers 'a broader perspective on the world.' So, does it live up to the hype?

Abby OReilly //

Categories: Magazines

Verge Magazine

A new glossy British feminist magazine? Could it possibly be true? Yes indeed! Catherine Redfern checks out the first issue.

Catherine Redfern // 2 July 2006

Categories: Magazines

Grazia Magazine

Sheryl Plant considers whether, like many women's magazines, Grazia contibutes to women's problems even as it purports to solve them.

Sheryl Plant // 17 June 2005

Categories: Magazines

$pread Magazine

$pread Magazine is a new U.S. based publication which claims to be "by and for sex workers of all genders, sexualities and backgrounds" and aims to provide a forum for "marginalised voices" and a "balanced and honest view of the sex industry". Lorraine Smith and Ms Razorblade, feminists with different views of sex work, review the first issue and come to very different conclusions.

Lorraine Smith and Ms Razorblade // 16 April 2005

Categories: Magazines

Scarlet Magazine

Are you "a sexually confident woman"? Do you always "get what you want"? Scarlet Magazine is a new UK sex mag for women which is hoping to provide an assertive look at women's sexuality. But will it appeal to the Charlottes as much as the Samanthas? Holly Combe sits down with Issue 1 (November 2004).

Holly Combe // 11 January 2005

Categories: Magazines

Velvet Magazine

A new, intellectual magazine for lesbians, reviewed by Lorraine Douglas.

Lorraine Douglas // 5 November 2004

Categories: Magazines

Nuts and Zoo Weekly

K* Harknett has the uneviable task of reviewing two new weekly lads mags.

K Harknett // 16 February 2004

Categories: Magazines

Be Unlimited

Lorraine Smith discovers a promising new monthly women's magazine.

Lorraine Smith // 16 October 2003

Categories: Magazines

Good Housekeeping

Could Good Housekeeping be the most feminist magazine around, asks Ailsa?

Ailsa // 16 February 2003

Categories: Magazines

Response to Lesbians: ignored by mainstream female culture?

Louise queries Ailsa's rant on how mainstream magazines ignore lesbians, and below, Ailsa responds.

Ailsa //

Categories: Magazines

Lesbians: ignored by mainstream female culture?

Why do magazines insist on ignoring lesbians? "All I'm asking for is not to be completely ignored and made to feel as if because I'm a lesbian I'm no longer allowed to be female," explains Ailsa.

Ailsa // 16 January 2003

Categories: Magazines


After five years subscribing, Catherine Gillespie gives lesbian life & style magazine, Diva, a mixed review

Catherine Gillespie // 16 July 2002

Categories: Magazines

Return of the zines

Oh yes, oh yes, more fantastic self-published zines for ya!

Catherine Redfern //

Categories: Magazines

Zine Reviews – the sequel

More of those funky pro-woman, pro-grrrl zines reviewed

Catherine Redfern // 16 April 2002

Categories: Magazines

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