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Blue Roses

David Wilkinson salutes the talents of Laura Groves, otherwise known as Blue Roses, and finds much to marvel at in her precocious debut album

David Wilkinson // 21 October 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Radical rockers UT at The Lexington

Famously name-checked by Le Tigre in 1991's 'Hot Topic', feminist rock pioneers UT originally came from the downtown New York no-wave scene in 1978. They moved on to London, touring with The Fall in the early 1980s and releasing four albums that decade, before disbanding in 1990. Hayley Foster da Silva witnesses their return

Hayley Foster da Silva // 3 October 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Evangelista – In Animal Tongue

Sophie Mayer reviews Evangelista's In Animal Tongue and is enraptured by the lyrics, vocals and productions of charismatic frontwoman Carla Bozulich

Sophie Mayer // 1 October 2011

Categories: Music

Cambodian Space Project – 2011: A Space Odyssey

Srey Thy is a singer with a story to tell. Louise Allan discovers this album from Thy's band, Cambodian Space Project, is a mixture of Thy-penned Kmer rock and tributes to a golden age of 1960s Cambodian pop

Louise Allan // 16 September 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Puffyshoes are coming!

It's all about lo fi! Joanna Tocher, The F-Word's music correspondent in Japan, introduces us to the delights of Puffyshoes who hail from Chiba

Joanna Tocher // 11 September 2011

Categories: Music

Electrelane at Scala

Louise Allan gives an overview of the 10 year career of Electrelane and attends a gig at Scala on 21 July, one of their first after a three year break

Louise Allan // 10 August 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Catherine Elms finds Lady Gaga's latest album something of a mixed bag, but remains optimistic about the stars ability to vary her sound and stay strong on sex and sexuality

Catherine Elms // 8 August 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Biophilia – Björk returns

Ruth Rosselson attends the world premiere of Björk's live show, one of several performances at Campfield Market Hall that are her first UK dates in over three years

Ruth Rosselson // 10 July 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

tUnE-yArDs at the Manchester Deaf Institute

Ruth Rosselson gives the lowdown on a show from Merrill Garbus, a big-voiced artist who exudes confidence on stage through her music, rather than her outfits or dancing

Ruth Rosselson //

Categories: Music, Reviews

Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music

Helen G reviews Laura Cantrell's collection of covers of songs by Kitty Wells, the first female country star to release a long-playing record

Helen G // 10 June 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

Generation Indigo

Cazz Blase reviews Poly Styrene's final work, an angry album with socially biting lyrics but an overall optimistic theme

Cazz Blase // 29 May 2011

Categories: Music, Reviews

A woman called Toothpaste: an interview with Lucy Whitman

Cazz Blase interviews Lucy Toothpaste, who wrote the fanzine JOLT and played a central role in the punk feminist movement

Cazz Blase // 20 May 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Herstory, Interviews, Magazines, Music

Cookie Party! (Death of the Elephant, Stella Zine and Ste McCabe)

Hayley Foster da Silva reviews an evening inspired by riot grrrl and feminist-friendly electro punk

Hayley Foster da Silva // 30 January 2011

Categories: Music

Love: Sacred and Profane

Kaite Welsh reviews a performance of "romantic duets and melancholy ayres" by new opera ensemble En Travesti

Kaite Welsh // 18 June 2010

Categories: Music

The Raincoats play the National Portrait Gallery

The Raincoats are as vital as ever, argues Lydia Harris, who left their recent gig determined to join a grrrl band

Lydia Harris // 4 October 2009

Categories: Music

Girl Power?

The Spice Girls' come-back tour re-opens some questions about the nature of 'Girl Power'. Jennifer Thomson looks back fondly - but critically

Jennifer Thomson // 5 April 2008

Categories: Music

Peaches – Impeach My Bush

Peaches' latest electro-punk album is both explicit and explicitly feminist. Catherine Redfern reviews Impeach My Bush

Catherine Redfern // 1 September 2007

Categories: Music

We Are The Pipettes – The Pipettes

Rachel Harris-Gardiner checks out the debut album from The Pipettes, a fabulous, fun, polka-dotted girl group from Brighton.

Rachel Harris-Gardiner // 13 August 2006

Categories: Music

The Gossip – Manchester July 2006

Cazz Blase reviews a storming gig by The Gossip in Manchester on 18th July 2006.

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Music

The Spice Girls’ Legacy

Sarah Parry defends the legacy of the oft-ridiculed Spice Girls. She argues that 1996 should be seen as a feminist renaissance, and explains how the band promoted ideas of individuality and female friendship that were hugely influential to girls at the time.

Sarah Parry // 29 May 2006

Categories: Music

FHM Music Channel

FHM has launched its own music channel and intrepid Natalie Smith finds a common theme in the videos. (Can you guess what it is yet)?

Natalie Smith // 17 June 2005

Categories: Music, Television

Frank – Amy Winehouse

Is Amy Winehouse really looking for someone "Stronger than Me"? Holly Combe argues that Winehouse's debut album presents a somewhat traditional view of heterosexual relationships mixed with a couple of progressive moments. Yet despite its flaws, the music can't be faulted.

Holly Combe // 1 June 2004

Categories: Music, Reviews

Le Tigre – London Astoria, April 2004

Jess McCabe finds Le Tigre on top form at the Astoria.

Jess McCabe // 18 April 2004

Categories: Music

Not a Victim – Stephanie Pakrul

Lorraine Smith introduces the intriguing new "edgy folk" singer Stephanie Pakrul.

Lorraine Smith // 18 January 2004

Categories: Music

Tales of a Librarian – Tori Amos

In this new compliation album, Tori Amos brings together 20 of her favourite songs which deal with deeply personal issues such as motherhood, rape, childhood, religion, sex, and finding a voice. As Nicky Raynor explains, there's much more to Tori than 'Cornflake Girl'.

Nicky Raynor // 16 December 2003

Categories: Music

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