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Smelling of Roses?

Tampax present their scented tampons as 'natural', associating them with flowers. But Clare Burgess argues that advertising for menstrual products merely exploits and contributes to women's insecurities about periods and their bodies.

Clare Burgess // 11 September 2006

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The Politics of the Tampon Case

Jess McCabe talks to creators and manufacturers about the politics of the tampon case and whether the cases should help hide women's periods or celebrate them unashamedly. A popular product in some hip feminist circles, this handy item is still little known in the mainstream.

Jess McCabe // 4 June 2006

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The Ethics of Sex Toys – Part 2

Part 2 of Ms Razorblade's guide covers environmental and health issues, as well as quality, pricing, fair trade, internet shopping, and the question of jelly v silicone (no contest!).

Ms Razorblade // 11 September 2004

Categories: Products

The Ethics of Sex Toys – Part 1

In the first part of her two-part guide, Ms Razorblade considers the philosphical and ethical issues of women's sex toys. Is it possible to buy sex toys without supporting the mainstream sexist porn industry? Are they sexist? And much more!

Ms Razorblade // 11 August 2004

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Natural deodorants

Looking for new ways to save the environment, money, cut down on waste and avoid nasty chemicals while still smelling fresh? Kery Saegert tests a variety of organic natural deodorants

Kery Saegert // 16 March 2004

Categories: Products


Ailsa finds the Mooncup a revelation.

Ailsa // 16 September 2003

Categories: Products

Moon Mammas: fleece menstrual pads

Washable fleece pads.

Catherine Redfern // 18 May 2003

Categories: Products

Jar Openers

How to fight patriarchy with a small rubber circle...

Catherine Redfern // 16 January 2002

Categories: Products

Lil-lets Heatsoother for Period Pain

How do these self-heating stick-on thingumajigs compare to the good old hot water bottle? Reviewed by Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern // 13 July 2001

Categories: Products

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