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You’ll catch your death in that

Hugely successful gaming giant World of Warcraft has introduced a new package that allows even more customisation of player's avatars: including choosing skimpier outfits for female characters. Teri Shelly wonders what it means if she wants her avatar to wear a plate bikini

Terri Shelly // 2 February 2012

Categories: Video Games

Moving up a gear

Olivia Cotterell welcomes the final chapter of the Gears of War franchise including some playable female characters, but finds the game ultimately still drips with the same old machismo

Olivia Cotterell // 8 November 2011

Categories: Video Games

Portal 2

Jess McCabe celebrates a refreshing break from the objectification of women in video games with Portal 2

Jess McCabe // 2 June 2011

Categories: Reviews, Video Games

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