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Affording abortion

The Supreme Court has ruled the people from Northern Ireland can't access abortions on the NHS in England. Megan Stodel criticises the inequality this causes

Megan Stodel // 16 June 2017

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Bodies are not bargaining chips

Reproductive rights cannot be on the negotiating table, Zoe Russell writes, as discussions between the Conservatives and DUP continue

Zoe Russell // 11 June 2017

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Keep your rosaries off our ovaries! Defending reproductive rights in Poland

Hanna Mroczek from Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Irlandia explains the current abortion law situation in Poland and talks about activism it triggered

Guest Blogger // 27 April 2016

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Why we blocked Millennium Bridge

The Bridge Club, a group of activists fighting for the right to decriminalised abortion across the UK, talk about their direct action on Millennium Bridge

Guest Blogger // 20 April 2016

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New review: Vessel by Liz Smith

Director/producer Diana Whitten and her team introduce their documentary Vessel thus: “Vessel begins with a young doctor who lived by the sea, and an unlikely idea. Rebecca Gomperts, horrified by...

Ania Ostrowska // 6 December 2014

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Reproductive choice on waves

Liz Smith praises Diana Whitten's Vessel, a documentary about Dutch pro-choice activists that reminds women not to take their reproductive rights for granted

Liz Smith //

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Legal abortions – a case of women’s human rights

This is a guest post by Sophie Turtonon behalf of Doctors of the World about empowering women to have control over their own sexual and reproductive health.

Guest Blogger // 9 April 2014

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Reproductive freedom is a class issue

A guest post by Glosswitch about abortion rights, challenging an article by Mark Atilla Hoare who presented, "pro-choice campaigning as a middle-class indulgence which harms "fecund low-income women""

Guest Blogger // 24 July 2013

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Socially liberal fiscal conservatives, or the definition of an oxymoron

Elisa argues that it is impossible to be both fiscally conservative and morally "liberal" on issues such as abortion rights, gender equality and gay rights

Guest Blogger // 19 November 2012

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The killing of Savita Halappanavar

Guest blogger Sarah writes about the death of Savita Hapallanavar who was refused an abortion in Ireland which could have saved her life.

Guest Blogger // 14 November 2012

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Abortion debate alert

I was pleased to see this recent piece from Mehdi Hasan talking about the ten things he had learned from trying to ‘debate’ abortion on Twitter. I also don’t think...

zohra // 30 October 2012

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Thirteen weeks

Poppy shares her story of abortion, arguing that the legal time limit should not be reduced.

Guest Blogger // 15 October 2012

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Yes, restricting the abortion time limit IS “anti-woman”

Jo T, a London-based student and pro-choicer, critiques an article defending Jeremy Hunt's comments on the abortion time limit

Guest Blogger // 11 October 2012

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Contraceptives summit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Globally the world is celebrating the contraceptives summit. Donors, health ministers, charities and non governmental organisations will be coming together today in London and New York to discuss about the...

Josephine Tsui // 11 July 2012

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The fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland

**See update below 25/09/11** The fight for abortion rights in Britain was recently re-ignited by the attempts of Nadine Dorries and others to strip away at women’s reproductive freedoms and...

Kellie Turtle // 23 September 2011

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How could the government really support women?

The government’s rather feeble memo listing potential ways to win more female votes was leaked yesterday. Suggestions include banning all advertising aimed at children, front-loading child benefit so more is...

Laura // 14 September 2011

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Pro-choice and counting

As some readers are already well aware, this time next week, MPs will have debated – and voted on – a series of amendments to the Health and Social Care...

zohra // 31 August 2011

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Abortions are not the same as pensions

Philippa writes about Frank Field and Nadine Dorries' announced changes to abortion law.

Philippa Willitts // 29 August 2011

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Abortion Rights Action Alert

Abortion Rights have issued the following Action Alert encouraging us to contact our MPs to ensure women are not forced to seek counselling from anti-choice organisations prior to obtaining an...

Laura // 14 August 2011

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Join the pro-choice protest!

Saturday 9th July, from 1.30pm, Old Palace Yard, Westminster With the anti-choice brigade pushing their views further up the political agenda, thanks to the likes of Nadine Dorries and her...

Laura // 20 June 2011

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Pro-choice meeting – some thoughts

Was a great turn-out tonight at the pro-choice meeting that Sunny and Jess organized. The discussion was wide-ranging, with some excellent speaking from Diane Abbott MP, Abortion Rights and Education...

zohra // 6 June 2011

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Abortion: let’s get off the back foot

As Jess posted last month, Nadine Dorries and Frank Field have begun making the first attempts since the Coalition Government took office to restrict abortion access. And as Sunny Hundal...

zohra // 20 May 2011

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How will NHS reforms affect abortion access?

The Guardian’s NHS reform live blog is focusing on abortion all day today – particular how the reforms will affect women’s access to abortion. It’s good to see this discussion...

Jess McCabe // 12 May 2011

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Abortion: buckle up for a fight

Another attempt to wear down abortion rights in the UK is underway. Nadine Dorries and Frank Field have tabled a series of amendments to the Health and Social Care bill....

Jess McCabe // 11 April 2011

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New feature: Is it time for abortion to return to the political agenda?

Anti-choice lobbyists are gearing up as the new coalition government settles in. We should not let them define the terms of debate, says Lisa Ansell, instead we should push for...

Jess McCabe // 2 June 2010

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