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Banning sexist ads will benefit the youngest in our society

Sexist advertising is part of a culture that teaches girls they exist to serve men and not themselves, writes Sarah Wilson

Guest Blogger // 9 August 2017

Categories: Blog

Fighting sexist stereotypes – a breakdown of the new report from Advertising Standards Agency

Rob Harding breaks down what this recent report on gender stereotypes in advertising actually means

Rob Harding // 26 July 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Stereotypes

How you can drive the change you want to see in advertising imagery

Heidy Rehman encourages us to click on and purchase from a diverse range of images of women

Guest Blogger // 14 June 2017

Categories: Blog

Standing up to industry norms

Sara Sheridan shares her experience of undertaking a feminist marketing campaign featuring a diverse range of models

Sara Sheridan // 17 April 2017

Categories: Fashion and Image, Features

Man up or grow a pair

D H Kelly explores the contradictory uses of the word "man" to depict both personal strength and childish insecurity

D H Kelly // 24 November 2015

Categories: Blog

A feminist Barbie?

Mattel's new ad shows little girls dreaming big, but their bodies still have to be impossibly small, writes Shoshana Devora

Shoshana Devora // 25 October 2015

Categories: Blog

I was labelled a terrorist

Tara Costello hits back at her online aggressors

Guest Blogger // 2 May 2015

Categories: Blog

How can we change the status of our nipples?

The "Free The Nipple" campaign seeks to change our culture's anxiety about women's nipples. D H Kelly asks whether this is possible and how we might go about it

D H Kelly // 13 April 2015

Categories: Blog

Skin lightening: looking deeper into the ugly face of the cosmetics industry

The ancient practice of skin whitening is globally accepted for women of all shades. In a contemporary twist, big brand cosmetic companies are cashing in with a racist message that reflects an enduring fascination with white skin

Suze // 22 January 2014

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 20 January 2014

Categories: Blog

It’s Kellogg’s who should be shamed, not women

Lorna Wilson on why the latest Special K advert is just more of the same capitalist shaming of women

Guest Blogger // 24 December 2013

Categories: Blog

Bridget Christie: A Bic for Her

Bridget Christie is haphazardly and anxiously endearing but with an unrefined, genuine and powerful message. Alicia Rodriguez thinks she's funny as hell

Alicia Rodriguez // 5 August 2013

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

The problem with Dove’s real beauty

Louise McCudden argues that Dove's latest advertising campaign only reinforces the harmful message that beauty is of utmost importance to women

Guest Blogger // 24 April 2013

Categories: Blog

Call for television reviewers

Would you like to write TV reviews for The F-Word? Find out more here!

Holly Combe // 17 April 2013

Categories: Blog

The perfect gift?

January guest blogger Rachel considers the way lingerie is marketed as the perfect gift for women

Rachel Munford // 3 January 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread: 30 July 2012

A round up of items we didn't have time to blog this week

Laura // 30 July 2012

Categories: Blog

New feature: It’s not feminism that hurts men

I expect many of you will be familiar with the recent Observer article by Elizabeth Day about philosopher David Benatar’s claims that “sexism against men is a widespread yet unspoken...

Holly Combe // 22 May 2012

Categories: Blog

It’s not feminism that hurts men

Jo T examines a recent article supporting claims that men are "the new second sex" and finds it to be a highly misleading piece that fails to consider the role of patriarchal structures in men's suffering and instead opts to blame feminism

Jo T // 21 May 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Men

Sexist advertising of Olympic proportions

Vicky writes about the advertising for the Olympics. She asks where the women are, and considers what needs to be done for women's sport to be taken seriously.

Victoria Brewster // 13 April 2012

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Time for our weekly round-up of links and an open thread - feel free to add links to stuff we missed!

Laura // 2 April 2012

Categories: Blog

Campaign to ban cosmetic surgery advertising

UK Feminista launches a new campaign, arguing that the rules preventing the advertising of prescription medicines should also apply to cosmetic surgery.

Laura // 15 March 2012

Categories: Blog

‘Speed Her Up, Slow Him Down’ – Durex finally solve humanity’s greatest sexual problem. Or not.

Oh dear, Durex. As though yet another voice in the cacophony telling us our sex lives aren't up to scratch, our vaginas aren't adequate, our orgasms abundant enough or fast enough, and our partners aren't virile enough, was exactly what we needed, Durex have just come out with this.

Guest Blogger // 2 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Since when are associations to slavery sexy and fun?

A guest post by Elin Weiss & Hennie Weiss about a recent advertising campaign in Denmark.

Guest Blogger // 25 February 2012

Categories: Blog

Update: Paddy Power transphobic ad no longer to be screened

A transphobic advert is no longer to be broadcast, but are there further implications for trans* and cis women attending the event?

Helen G // 23 February 2012

Categories: Blog

What? You don’t wet wipe?

Ciara O'Connor takes on the latest hygiene product marketed at women: Washlets.

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

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