Articles about 'asexuality'

Discussing sexuality without reinforcing patriarchy

D H Kelly responds to an article which, in discussing the author's own sexuality, risks reinforcing cultural ideas which make many people feel they are sexually abnormal

D H Kelly // 2 October 2015

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The One Ring

Although wearing a ring on your 'wedding' finger has its advantages, D. T. Dragon has had a few people apologise to them at its first sighting for mistaken romantic interests

D. T. Dragon // 24 September 2014

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A closet heterosexual? Discovering my sexuality

I'd like to share my sexuality with you, or the lack of it. Currently, I identify as aromantic and asexual.

D. T. Dragon // 4 September 2014

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Ace of Clubs: Is there room in the feminist movement for asexual women?

Laura Buttrick considers how asexuality, sex positive feminism and feminist opposition to rape culture and patriarchy intersect

Guest Blogger // 28 August 2013

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