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When it comes to issues of equality, it’s not size that counts

A guest post from Lisa Glass criticising framings of gender equality as a minor issue in comparison to other human rights concerns

Guest Blogger // 25 March 2012

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Hakim report prompts media delight

It is hard to be shocked by misleading media reports about women. After all, it’s commonplace to see the mainstream media gleefully twisting the results of a piece of gender...

Holly Combe // 10 January 2011

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Another provocative Fay Weldon headline

According to the headline and subheading in today’s Telegraph, Fay Weldon thinks Katie Price “drinks too much and sleeps with too many people and talks about it too much for...

Holly Combe // 1 December 2009

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Mothers for Women’s Lib on Press Treatment of Katie Price

You’ll probably be aware that, predictably, the apparent tide of goodwill from the press towards Katie Price (AKA Jordan) finally turned in recent months. Before her split with Peter Andre,...

Holly Combe // 15 August 2009

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Eileen Atkins to Star in Play Inspired by Greer

Next month, Dame Eileen Atkins will be starring in a comedy said to be inspired by Germaine Greer being held hostage in her home by a student in 2000. The...

Holly Combe // 17 June 2008

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Feminism is Dead? Nice Try Harry!

It’s time to strike an angry pose next to the mythical bra-bonfire, dear readers, because (yet again) the worn-out tableau of stinky old feminism finally crawling away under a rock...

Holly Combe // 8 February 2008

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"Equality Kills Feminism"

There have been at least three recent articles in The Guardian commenting on Alison Wolf’s Prospect article about the supposed downside of women’s freedom. We have apparently reached the end...

Holly Combe // 30 March 2006

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