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New Barbie, same sexism?

Siobhan Ali considers the impact new, ‘inspiring’ ranges of Barbie dolls will realistically have on the women’s movement

Guest Blogger // 18 September 2018

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Amy Schumer may be privileged, but she’s allowed to feel ugly

It’s dangerous to use a woman’s privilege to justify dismissing her feelings of being unworthy or out of place, writes Katie Jane

Guest Blogger // 18 March 2018

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Beauty standards differ, but the pressure to meet them doesn’t

The ideal body type may differ across countries, but the pressure to appear a certain way affects women all the same, writes Kate Harveston

Guest Blogger // 28 June 2017

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The feminist behind the surgical tape

Mercedes Yanora explains why it's OK to have plastic surgery and still call yourself a feminist

Guest Blogger // 2 March 2017

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All About That Bass? All about that body shaming

Veena Chandar takes issue with 'All About That Bass' and its implication that we should only appreciate our bodies if boys admire them

Guest Blogger // 22 October 2014

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I’m not scarred

The women I admired growing up were air-brushed dolls with not a hair out of place, smooth as powdered babies with creamy complexions - not a blemish or scar in sight. Scanning the plethora of magazines sitting glossy in their stands, my thirteen-year old self scoured for someone to relate to and recognise. I never did.

Guest Blogger // 2 April 2014

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Most of all mi love mi browning

I often see hip hop music and rap culture talked about in ways that makes me cringe, especially in feminist circles, where the conversation is often set up in ways...

The Tulloch // 14 January 2013

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“Banana” fever

UK-based burlesque comedian Fancy Chance talks about her experience of growing up in a mainly white community in the US and how romanticised portrayals of Asian women have affected her life

Guest Blogger // 1 July 2012

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I have a thing for American gossip magazines and my Father-in-Law and his wife brought me back some from a recent trip to New York. There are a lots of...

Melaina // 14 June 2012

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What has my make-up got to do with you?

Levi Grayshon argues that we need to stop judging women by their appearance.

Guest Blogger // 12 June 2012

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A celebration of beauty – yours and mine

Guest blogger Vicky talks about standards and expectations of beauty and body size, and how the Daily Mail positioned Samantha Brick in a way that could only provoke hostility.

Victoria Brewster // 8 April 2012

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Those who think VAW is a joke will never take it seriously – unless they are made to pay

A guest post from Jane Fae picking up on the Paddy Power story that Helen G blogged about on Sunday

Jane Fae // 22 February 2012

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One Size Fits All?

A guest post from Hennie Weiss and Elin Weiss about the use of computer animated models in an H&M campaign

Guest Blogger // 15 December 2011

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What happens if you don’t look in any mirrors for a month?

Blogger Autumn Whitefield-Madrano spent the month of May assiduously avoiding looking at herself in the mirror, and recorded the effects in depth on her blog, cleverly titled The Beheld. Her...

Jess McCabe // 9 June 2011

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