Articles about 'bodily autonomy'

Bodies are not bargaining chips

Reproductive rights cannot be on the negotiating table, Zoe Russell writes, as discussions between the Conservatives and DUP continue

Zoe Russell // 11 June 2017

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Page 3 debates: no room for nuances?

There seems to be a tendency for the mainstream media to assume feminists oppose Page 3 and then set us up against glamour models, regardless of what we say

Holly Combe // 26 January 2015

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7000 Irish women a year travel to the UK for abortions

Cara Murphy highlights how little impact the new Irish abortion legislation would actually have on Irish women, whose only current option is to travel overseas - if they can afford it

Guest Blogger // 15 July 2013

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Home Delivery: a mini review

Chrissy D has a look at ITV1's Home Delivery documentary and finds an exultant depiction of birth, despite the programme not going very far in its attempt to portray homebirth as anything other than something "other people" do

Guest Blogger // 19 April 2013

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A trans man on feminism and bodily autonomy

Gethin Jones argues that feminist demands for the right to bodily autonomy must also include trans people

Guest Blogger // 17 September 2012

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