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Cuts to health and social care will affect women the most

The disproportionate effects of austerity on women have a very real impact on their health, writes Monica Karpinski

Monica Karpinski // 15 December 2017

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Chancellor’s spending review is bad news for women

Though the Chancellor tried to make good headlines with his recent spending review announcement, it is clear that once again the budget has not been gender-proofed. Polly Trenow discusses the implications for women

Polly Trenow // 29 July 2013

Categories: Features, Politics and Current Affairs

The Conservatives and women: new blog series

Yesterday ConservativeHome launched a week-long series on ‘the Conservatives and women’, just ahead of today’s second reading on the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill which has now capped annual benefits increases...

zohra // 8 January 2013

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New feature: How the coalition cuts are impacting the women of Bristol

As a report finds Bristol’s women are being hit hard by coalition cuts, Sian Norris interviews domestic violence advisor Sian Taylor from Wish, one of the organisations forced to slash...

Jess McCabe // 3 November 2011

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How the coalition cuts are impacting the women of Bristol

As a report finds Bristol's women are being hit hard by coalition cuts, Sian Norris interviews domestic violence advisor Sian Taylor from Wish, one of the organisations forced to slash services

Sian Norris // 2 November 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

Unfortunately not an April Fools’ joke: cuts hit shelters for domestic violence victims

60% of refuge services will receive no council funding from tomorrow, according to Women’s Aid. As reported by The Guardian yesterday, 72% of floating support services will also be defunded...

Jess McCabe // 31 March 2011

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Record numbers of women claim Jobseekers’ Allowance as unemployment rises

The number of women claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance has risen 12%, meaning the number of women aged 25-49 claiming the unemployment benefit is at its highest since records began in 1997,...

Jess McCabe // 18 February 2011

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New feature: Students offer a glimmer of hope

An encounter with students at an Oxford University festival on gender and equality leaves Lisa Ansell optimistic Since the Budget last year, I’ve felt a responsibility to speak loudly about...

Jess McCabe // 24 January 2011

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Fawcett refused judicial review of Budget

UPDATED to add Fawcett’s response. The Fawcett Society has been refused a judicial review of the emergency budget. Fawcett was arguing that the Treasury did not carry out a gender...

Jess McCabe // 6 December 2010

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New feature: Cuts? Women will take them on the chin

Government spending cuts will hit women the hardest, with the most marginalised suffering the most. Fionnuala Murphy from the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation breaks it down On the...

Jess McCabe // 10 November 2010

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Home Office cuts study on how police handle rape cases

An investigation into how the police treat rape cases has been abandoned, after the Home Office withdrew funding, reports The Guardian. The review was announced in response to the John...

Jess McCabe // 17 September 2010

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Home Sec warns Chancellor on Budget inequality

UPDATE: It should be noted that today Theresa May scrapped powers to ban violent partners from their victim’s home, citing the need to save money. Hopefully we will have more...

Jess McCabe // 4 August 2010

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Budget Impact on Disabled Women

Philippa writes about the potential effect of the Budget on disabled women.

Philippa Willitts // 8 July 2010

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More bad news on the Budget

Women will bear the brunt of three-quarters of extra taxes and benefit cuts, according to a gender audit of the Budget carried out by the House of Commons library. And...

Jess McCabe // 5 July 2010

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The gendered impact of the emergency Budget

The cuts have started, the emergency Budget is out. As Fawcett sets out the cuts are going to hit women hard. As Ceri Goddard says: Reducing women’s economic security in...

Jess McCabe // 24 June 2010

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Feminist economics: Harman commits to publish impact of future budgets on women

UPDATE: Fawcett have posted a podcast of the full hustings event. Harriet Harman has committed future Labour governments to publish information on how the Budget will affect women. At Fawcett’s...

Jess McCabe // 28 April 2010

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